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State Senator: 'Entirely Possible' Women Don't Want to Be Firefighters

Staten Island State Senator Diane Savino today dismissed Queens Councilwoman Elizabeth Crowley’s allegations of sexual discrimination in hiring at the Fire Department, instead arguing that most women are uninterested—and even unfit—to become firefighters. 626 more words

City to FDNY: Hire More Women Firefighters

New York has been forced to accept a massive defeat against San Francisco—and almost the rest of the country—when it comes to employing female firefighters. While coastal frontrunner San Francisco’s department is currently made up of thirteen percent women, NYC’s numbers are staggering in lack: only 44 women currently serve in the 10,500-person New York City Fire Department (FDNY), a chunk that amounts to less than half of one percent of the entire force, according to a press release. 316 more words

Council Seeks to Smoke Out Sexism in the Fire Department

Councilwoman Elizabeth Crowley, a Queens Democrat, led a group of her colleagues on the steps of City Hall this morning to demand the Fire Department hire more women and to push a bill that would obligate the agency to report detailed demographic information about applicants to the Council. 358 more words

Elizabeth Crowley

City Council Members Introduce Bill Banning Horse Carriages

After months of speculation and dueling rallies on the City Hall steps, Council members Daniel Dromm and Ydanis Rodriguez introduced legislation today aimed at banning the city’s horse carriage industry, which would fulfill a campaign promise from Mayor Bill de Blasio. 644 more words