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"Tudor" parliamentary procedure

Apologies to anyone who expects this to be a five thousand word essay with at least a hundred cases but I was wondering about one thing in particular: when “Tudor” monarchs repealed legislation, how did they usually go about it? 224 more words

57. The Marriage Game: Alison Weir

This book was very gratefully received from Random House UK/ Cornerstone via NetGalley for review.

The Marriage Game is the story of the reign of Elizabeth I but with particular focus to the lengthy, ongoing negotiations to find her a husband. 297 more words

Fact of the day: 29th July

On this day in 1567 James VI was crowned King of Scotland at Stirling.

He succeeded to the Scottish throne at the age of thirteen months, after his mother Mary, Queen of Scots, was compelled to abdicate in his favour. 218 more words

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Queen Elizabeth I & Mary Stuart: The Struggle Among Cousins

A Bond Through Letter-writing

While researching Elizabeth I (1533 –1603) I became intrigued by the Queen’s relationship with her cousin, Mary Stuart (1542–1587).  Also known as Mary, Queen of Scots, while she was living in Scotland, the cousins formed a bond through writing letters, but their relationship was tested once Mary arrived in England after being accused of murdering her husband in Scotland.  353 more words

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Fact of the day: 25th July

On this day in 1603 James VI of Scotland was crowned king of England (James I of England), bringing the Kingdom of England and Kingdom of Scotland into personal union. 330 more words

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Vote Elizabeth!

With just a week to go before voting closes in the Grand Final of Rex Factor, who do you think deserves to be crowned the Rex Factor champion? 1,691 more words


Elephants and the royal menagerie...

After a look at mechanical elephants in our parks and gardens I thought perhaps I should look at the place of the real thing there as well.    2,027 more words