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A Short History Of England

A warm wind swept through overcast Downton and across The Solent this morning when I took my usual walk to Hordle Cliff top and back. Sheltered among the hedgerows, perky periwinkle still trails along the ground. 340 more words

Review: 'Queen of This Realm: The Story of Elizabeth I' by Jean Plaidy

Initially intended to provide a basis on which to build my knowledge of the life of Elizabeth when she was Queen, this book proved to be very informative not only for that, but also for the period prior to 1558. 139 more words


In pursuit of a woman. Review: The Marriage Game by Alison Weir.

‘His children are falling from the sky. He watches from horse-back, acres of England stretching behind him; they drop, gilt-winged, each with a blood-filled gaze. Grace Cromwell hovers in thin air. 618 more words


A Follow Up on Amy Robsart

The other day, I described a mystery over a death that happened 450 years ago. It was the death of Amy Robsart, wife to Sir Robert Dudley. 946 more words


The King Raped My Mother

Nicholas Hilliard was extraordinarily talented. He was Queen Elizabeth I’s official miniaturist and goldsmith, famous even today for his cameos and portraits of her and her courtiers (especially of the Earl of Leicester). 1,429 more words

Day By Day

The extinction portrait

The Armada Portrait was a glorious bit of Elizabethan propaganda to point out that God was on the side of England against the might of the Holy Roman Empire (well, Spain).  199 more words

DNA Confirms Here Lieth Richard III Under Yon Parking Lot

The king’s genes also raise some royally embarrassing questions about the legitimacy of the Tudors who ended his reign.

Researchers conservatively estimate that the chances of the skull at left not being that of Richard III (right) are 6.7 million to 1. 935 more words