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The Queen's Favorite

“Your Majesty!  Your Majesty!”

Elizabeth awoke from her slumber to hear her Lady in Waiting knocking at the door to her bed chamber.

“A messenger from Cumnor Place with urgent news” 1,484 more words



KATHERINE’S RIDE HOME WAS ARDUOUS. She was terrified to stop least Dunroy catch up with her. If he had caught her, she knew she would have collapsed into his arms. 2,837 more words

An Update of November Squee

Earlier this year I participated in the blog tour for Cranky Ladies of History, a FableCroft anthology themed around historical women who lived memorably unconventional lives, and now I’m thrilled to confirm I’ll be part of the book! 130 more words

Cranky Ladies Of History

The Murdered Heir of Elizabeth I

The question of who was to follow the reign of the childless Elizabeth I became more pertinent as the queen grew older and it was apparent that she would never marry and have a child of her own. 719 more words

Charles Brandon

The Lovesick Earl, Part II

The quarrel between the Earl of Leicester and Sir Thomas Heneage continued into 1566, though at some point it must have died down because 20 years later, when Elizabeth sent Heneage to rebuke Leicester in the Netherlands, he showed so much friendship and became so close to the earl that Elizabeth ended up rebuking himself. 1,894 more words

Robert Dudley

"Well-Behaved Women Rarely Make History" - What Does That Really Mean?

Marilyn Monroe is credited with popularizing the saying “well-behaved women rarely make history.”

Unfortunately, a lot of young women take this quote to mean that they should live recklessly, flaunt their sexuality, try to be “bad b*****s” and treat people with disrespect in order to be “famous” and unforgettable. 671 more words



FROM THE WINDOW SEAT in her room, Bess saw her brother riding into the courtyard and she waved to him. Dunroy grinned, waved back, and blew her a kiss. 1,888 more words