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Very Good Girls (2013)

Heads up, spoilers ahead.

Throughout the years of extensive movie watching I’ve learned that the most disappointing films aren’t the bad ones but those that don’t use their potential to be good. 860 more words


"Very Good Girls" (2014) is a beautiful portrait of the sexual awakening of two girls, elegantly directed by newcomer Naomi Foner.

“Very Good Girls” is about the introverted Lilly (Dakota Fanning) and her outgoing best friend Gerry (Elizabeth Olsen). They both graduated from high school and when summer is over, they are both going to college – but the two girls have to do one thing first: losing their virginity. 219 more words


Spoiler Alert Sunday :: my thoughts on Godzilla

I just… hadn’t gotten around to seeing this, and hadn’t gotten around to seeing it, and now it’s at the $3 theater in my town and friends invited me to go this afternoon and so I said “why not?”  It was a decent way to spend the afternoon. 400 more words

"Very Good Girls": Very Bad Movie

I’m not going to waste much time writing about Very Good Girls, since the chances aren’t very good that you’ll ever see it: It’s been available On Demand for weeks and received a cursory theatrical release over the weekend. 328 more words


Very Good Girls Movie Trailer

another trailer catch my eye, this time starring the lovely Dakota Fanning and Elizabeth Olsen, Enjoy the story of two friends and a guy between them. 


FashionSkribo apresenta… “Very Good Girls"

E como já foi mencionado no anterior post, vou estar agora um pouco debruçada sobre este rubrica. Eu tenha algumas sugestões em atraso, pelo que agora trago-vos algumas quase em conjunto. 299 more words



Comic Con has brought us some Avengers: Age Of Ultron art and I assembled the Avengers in Photoshop for the complete poster!

source: comingsoon.net