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The Cover Sometimes Makes the Book*

I think we’d all agree that the quality of a novel has little to do with its cover. Speaking for myself, I’ve read plenty of unforgettable novels that didn’t have remarkable covers, and my share of completely forgettable novels with gorgeous covers. 699 more words

Agatha Christie

Heard it From a Friend Who Heard it From a Friend Who...

very interesting post on Elizabeth Spann Craig’s excellent blog has got me thinking about how we learn about authors and new books coming out. She makes the point (and she’s right) that the way we talk to each other about books has changed. 1,507 more words


I See Flags, I Hear Bells*

In many small towns (and actually, some not-very-small towns!), pageants are a way to bring people together, to provide entertainment and to show off local (and sometimes not-so-local) talent. 1,194 more words