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TV Review: I Need To Talk About HBO's Olive Kitteridge

I’m going to be thinking about Olive Kitteridge for a long time to come.

The name has been on my radar ever since the book, written by Elizabeth Strout, won the Pulitzer Prize back in 2009. 879 more words


Elizabeth Strout's Burgess Boys and Sonnet No 9

Elizabeth Strout, The Burgess Boys (2013, Random House 2013)

This was a good book to read in New York City, as the action is divided between Manhattan and a small town in Maine. 425 more words


Letting Go of the Olive in Us

I reluctantly watched the HBO miniseries, Olive Kitteridge. The book on which the series is based is one of my favorite books. I have such a distinct image of Olive in my head, I didn’t know if I could deal with someone else’s perspective on Olive. 866 more words

Olive Kitteridge by Elizabeth Strout

Oh man. This book.

I read Olive Kitteridge back in 2008 when it first came out. At the time I was trying to read more female writers so I guess there was an element of chance that landed Strout in my hands. 219 more words

Blue Olive

Why can’t chronic depression always be this much fun?

That is what I wondered during Olive Kitteridge, the new TV miniseries that premiered last week on HBO. 1,365 more words

"Olive Kitteridge" . . .

A four-part mini-series, “Olive Kitteridge,” an adaptation of the book by the same name written by Elizabeth Strout has been airing on HBO this week. From the first time we viewed it on Sunday and Monday nights (2 hours each,) we have since learned that although the movie plot is situated in a small town in Maine (Harpswell) it was actually filmed in Massachusetts locations that we are familiar with: Rockport, Gloucester, Ipswich, Essex among others. 499 more words

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HBO's Olive Kitteridge: Some Thoughts Now That I've Watched the Show

On Sunday night I skipped watching Madam Secretary at 8:30 PM, and passed up watching Homeland at 9:00 PM . Instead I tuned in Olive Kitteridge… 1,009 more words