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She Bangs

Influential people with bangs in modern times have included silent movie actress Louise Brooks, 1950s glamor model Bettie Page, the Beatles and actress Elizabeth Taylor in the role of Cleopatra. 70 more words


Cleopatra and the Oriental menace

In canonical French Orientalist discourse of the 19th century, the Orient is cast as effeminate, weak, and in need of rehabilitation by Western civilization. However, the dramatic arts of late 16th- and early 17th-century France constructed a different picture, one in which the Orient as temptress was a deadly threat to the West. 218 more words


Photos of Elizabeth Taylor in Iran, 1976

In 1976 Elizabeth Taylor visited Iran for the first and only time. Accompanying her was Firooz Zahedi, a recent art school graduate just learning his craft, who has since gone on to become a successful Hollywood photographer.


Lighthearted post

I saw this on someone’s instagram and screen saved it. First i love gone with the wind. Rhett butler is my kind of sexy cad. And Vivienne Lee is a classic beauty. 69 more words