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I saw this on someone’s instagram and screen saved it. First i love gone with the wind. Rhett butler is my kind of sexy cad. And Vivienne Lee is a classic beauty. 69 more words

3 things!

So we are going to play a weekly game called 3 things.

3 things will be 3 things (surprised?) that I have learnt recently. Actually, “Learnt” could be a misleading term. 269 more words

Sorella & Me

#TBT 33rd Annual Academy Awards

On this day, April 17th 1961 the 33rd Annual Academy Awards were held.  It was hosted by Bob Hope and held at the Santa Monica Civic Auditorium in Santa Monica, CA. 423 more words

33rd Annual Academy Awards

Remembering Rod...

“We come. We go. And in between we try to understand.” – Rod Steiger

I remember the day my agent called me and said, “You have an audition at 11:30. 1,349 more words

Upcoming Films

The Help

by Kathryn Stockett

As kids we were always told to read the book before watching the movie, that the book was always better. As an adult, I would definitely argue that there are some cases when the movie is better than the book. 1,867 more words

Η εγγονή της Elizabeth Taylor μιλάει για το πώς κινδύνευσε να χάσει τον σύζυγο της από την γιαγιά της!

Όλοι στο μυαλό μας έχουμε την Elizabeth Taylor ως μια από τις μεγαλύτερες σταρ της Ιστορίας του Κινηματογράφου, με πολλές επιτυχίες στο ενεργητικό της, αλλά και επτάμισυ γάμους (μετρώντας τους δύο γάμους της με τον Richard Burton για ενάμισυ), με τον τελευταίο από αυτούς να έχει προκαλέσει πολλά σχόλια, αφού ήταν με έναν κατά 20 χρόνια νεότερο της οικοδόμο. 11 more words