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You Better Dance With Them What Brung Ya

Is it time already for Apple’s Festival of Likes? You know, that annual event where people find it necessary to sleep on the floor of a mall in order to pay someone hundreds of dollars for a phone. 853 more words

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Unique Selling Propositions Are a Myth

My friend Sam was recently turfed out of his cushy corporate job and is currently spending his days taking unemployment lessons at an outplacement firm. Inspired by the session on entrepreneurship, he’s decided to start up a lawn care company and called me for help with his homework. 814 more words

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Elizabeth Williams beautiful work at b Gallery


Elizabeth paints in oils and is largely self taught, although she is able to draw from her many years experience and her qualifications in the the Interior Design field. 162 more words

The Hidden Costs of Content Marketing

Hey kids, want to shoot your leads right to the bottom of the funnel just like that? Tired of whiny sales people who don’t know how to close? 1,213 more words

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Merlin's Nightmare - Tour Wrap

This week the CSFF Blog Tour featured Merlin’s Nightmare, book three of the Merlin Spiral by Robert Treskillard. For the group, I think the tour was a huge success. 623 more words

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Six Great (and brief) B2B Reads for Labour Day

At some point this week, a few parents will discover the remains of the final school lunch from last June deep in the bottom of a backpack. 626 more words

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The Revenge of the Content Monster

I think it is fair to say that marketers have unleashed some pretty horrible things on the world over the years. New Coke, plug-in air fresheners, negative option billing, scent strips, greeting cards that make noise and those little family icons on the backs of cars come immediately to mind. 594 more words

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