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Your Customers Want to Talk to You

Last week we looked at the Customer Service Theatre that follows a hyper-vigilant Seal Team Six intervention on social media. This week, we should look at the much more pernicious problem of Customer Hide and Seek. 827 more words

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There Are No Emergencies in Marketing

Joan is frequently late for lunch, which has a fair bit to do with her busy job managing social media for a large bank.  There are a lot of urgent things in social media. 723 more words

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Should You Centralize or Decentralize Your B2B Marketing? Yes You Should.

This was originally published on February 12th, 2014 on the Canadian Marketing Association blog. That’s why it seems so familiar.

Somewhere on my desk is a mug with the cringe-worthy statement: Think Global. 588 more words

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P-Cube Rising: Procurement is Cool Again

It’s been a while since we checked in with our friends in the Vendor Abuse department, also known as Procurement, and it seems their lot is improving at last. 856 more words

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Five Solstice Celebrations for Marketers

Some people celebrate the solstice by painting themselves blue and yelling at airplanes; others make a fetching crown of daisies, and some of us look up from World Cup long enough to observe the lengthy day. 455 more words

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Four Dumb Ways to Prevent Revenue

Here is a story about how  four dumb companies managed to prevent significant deals from coming in the door.

Dumb Company #1

In an effort to prevent real people on the outside from bothering real people on the inside, this company decided to remove all information from its website that might lead to that sort of disturbing fraternization. 628 more words

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