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Finding Carter: "The Fugitive"

Okay, Kathryn’s acting isn’t exactly on point this episode. While I kind of figured we were veering into a Crash direction, that doesn’t mean I have to like it! 1,234 more words


Finding Carter: "Now You See Me"

I’m going to be so mad if Carter gets back with Hot Vintage Car Thief! Seems like he’ll be in this episode from the preview, though. 1,238 more words


Finding Carter: First Thoughts


Finding Carter, like most new shows, was highly advertized. And while at first these ads were EXTREMELY annoying, I got sucked in. I had high hopes for the show based on the cast and premise. 567 more words


The Graduate

Opening lines: Ladies and gentlemen, we are about to descend into Los Angeles. The sound you just heard was the landing gear. Los Angeles weather is clear, temperature 72 degrees. 993 more words