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O is for Otter

O was the easiest choice of all. This animal has been my favourite for as long as I can remember. Just last summer I checked off a major bucket list item when I saw these wonderful animals in their natural habitat.connected to this creature. 663 more words

A To Z Challenge

Kayaking In Elkhorn Slough: Harbor Seal Pupping Season


Harbor Seal pupping season is in full swing at Elkhorn Slough and at other locations along the Central California Coast.
When observing harbor seals, please keep your distance and use a telephoto lens. 184 more words


Back Off: What you're doing is banned by the Marine Mammal Protection Act

This morning during my 8am class, I went to the Elkhorn Slough otter cam set up by seaotters.com and Animal Planet. The students are entertained, or at least act like they are, to stop working for a bit and take a look at the wildlife. 327 more words

Musings And Rants

Elkhorn Slough Ranch Properties

Some images from this past weekend on the Porter and Brothers Ranch properties in Watsonville.   Both are owned and managed by the Elkhorn Slough Foundation… 53 more words


Tidepooling the California Coast: Sea Anemones


Imagine a jellied filled sac, a simple life form that saw the Dinosaurs come and go, flourishing on earth for over 300 million years. You have no brain nor heart or even a proper anus. 152 more words

Marine Science

Kayaking In Elkhorn Slough: Sea Hare Discovery


Fantastic discovery today while kayaking in the Elkhorn Slough. We found an  enormous  California brown sea hare, Aplysia californica, a type of marine  slug in the phylum mollusca. 187 more words


Surveying and More!

This week we started surveying.  I’m still not a complete professional with the process, but it was nice to get the ball rolling and to get a feeling of what the next couple of months are going to be like.   237 more words