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Drink Up, It's Happy Hour...

Drink your Hair Healthy

‘You are what you eat’, and surely that extends to what your drink as well.

That’s why we’re loving the latest trend for salons offering super healthy, benefit-packed juices, to sip on while hairstylist gets to work. 708 more words


Mollie Hemingway: Who Has It Worse? Women In America Or Elsewhere?

Mollie Hemingway writes:  Who could deny that the problems identified by feminists in America are serious? Here are just five recent examples of how bad women have it in the States, each followed by a look at a minor problem faced by women in other parts of the world. 810 more words


April 18, 2014

While I was waiting I went to see Miss Billi and Elle. They were at Miss Rose’s home along with Bethany. They were discussing the wedding arrangements and Miss Billi asked Miss Rose to be her “Best Woman”.

April 16, 2014

I went to visit Miss Billi and Elle who were at our island beach. I guess they both sunbathe in the nude, giggles. I felt a bit overdressed in my bunny costume.  47 more words

April 15, 2014

As Easter was approaching I decided to put on something more cute and joyful to celebrate the holiday. So I found a new bunny outfit. I showed it to Mistress and Jewel who were down at the race track. 37 more words