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The song that has dominated social media and that a majority of teenagers know full lyrics to, is in fact titled #SELFIE. Using the hash-tag symbol in front bringing notice to the Twitter appeal made this song very easy to become trending worldwide. 251 more words

Link-A-Palooza: Vol. 1


Turning Your Life Upside Down Is A Good Thing

I recently discovered these guys, who call themselves 2Cellos. They’re classically-trained cellists from Croatia (and cute, too!) who found themselves, as many classical artists do, strapped for cash. 279 more words

Psh, I know they were photoshopped, wait . . . what?

It’s The Ellen Show!! Need I say more?

Done with video-sharing-spree


Ellen Tries Out Google "Glasses"

Today is Google Glass day. For the first time, the company is letting anybody and everybody order a pair with no application process needed. Because before, if you wanted to give Google $1,500 for a face computer, you had to… 186 more words


Ellen Masters the Art of Subtitles

In this clip, Ellen creates the perfect subtitles to dub a Dutch reporter’s rather eventful segment on a riverboat. Does anyone else think the life ring was a bit overboard, though? 21 more words