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Stripes and Sleepovers

Recently I have realised (ie. been told) that having sleepovers is something reserved for children.
But for the past year I’ve had one almost every week. 51 more words


How to Survive Your Sisters - Glad I survived it

Let me just start out by saying, I love free books.  I used to be a library wraith, skulking through the aisles of nearby libraries looking for cool, free, clean books to read.   343 more words


Eat clean, train mean, and get lean. http://ift.tt/1qLXxFL


I would like a Nellyphant

Today is apparently Save the Elephant Day and so my poem for today is all about elephants!

I love all animals and from as early as I can remember, I’ve been around them. 377 more words

Do you exercise more when the weather is warmer? http://ift.tt/1eKfPpr


Why No Video Game Heroines? (A Respone to Time Magazine)

Yet-again, I come across another article in Time Magazine that perplexes me in how it seems to totally ignore a viable example of something that they are targeting that actually diminishes their position.  1,394 more words


Choosing Shoes

Although working in an office with a dress code makes choosing an outfit a bit easier, I’ve found I tend to always end up wearing my black mid heeled pointed shoes. 99 more words