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The Good, the Bad, and the Really Ugly - The Last of Us Review

WARNING: This video includes minor spoilers from The Last of Us. If you have yet to play the game, do not watch this video! The review itself contains no spoilers though. 1,355 more words


Dealing with a mutated strain of the Cordyceps fungus

Let me just say this: I am terrified of the Cordyceps fungus. This is a fungus that infects insects and arthropods. It attacks its host, replacing tissue and sprouting ominous stems that grow outside of its body. 705 more words


Finally Recovered

It’s taken almost a whole week for me to recover from my weekend – so apologies for no posts this week. As an Australian, I feel it is forgivable for me to be a bit slack for at least 3 days post Australia Day as it is predominantly a drinking holiday (at least for me), but I must admit that is not where most of my recovery is from. 66 more words


Research into titles

Research into titles from elliemaydiss

We hadn’t yet discussed what we wanted our titles to turn out like in our opening sequence, except that we knew we wanted them to be on a black screen as an added effect for our opening sequence, we liked the opening to ‘Seven’ I think we came to the conclusion that the titles should be one shot; this is shown by our animatic storyboard. 169 more words

USe Of I.T.

Editing and filming our animatic storyboard

Yesterday we spent our lesson photographing our post it notes so they are ready to be edited. Today Sophie and I continued to edit our animatic storyboard, following yesterdays problems. 269 more words

USe Of I.T.

Ellie at Robinwood

Recently, we visited the Robinwood activity centre in Todmorden. It was great fun, we all loved it! I’m going to tell you about some of the activities I enjoyed – my highlights. 494 more words

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