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“It’s more exciting than a one man band, the saddest little show in all the land.“


Ride The Breezeway

We are on the finishing stretch of the kitchen remodel at The House on the Hill, so my last post on the finished product will have to wait. 245 more words

things in the making

Employing the masters’ ideas not to explain them – which is a way to embalm them unchanged and unchangeable – but to make something (else) of them. 914 more words


Hormonal Imbalance Plays Debut Show, Scares Mankind, Menstruates Loudly Onstage

Loud punk chick trio Hormonal Imbalance recently made their inaugural attack on the male gender in Memphis, Tennessee. After kicking down the kitchen doors and wrapping their fists in the spikes of cacophonous rage, these broads delivered a punch to the groin of the Patriarchy with fervor not seen since… I dunno… the great Masecliosis Pandemic of 1923. 50 more words