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Hello Heels

Sorry for the silence yesterday, but I spent Tuesday and Wednesday staying in a hotel in the city and I didn’t want to revert to the old mirror photo. 105 more words


No Assembly Required

As much as I love the achievement of assembling a fantastic outfit out of nothing, there is a wonderful feeling of having a few pieces that are simple and stylish. 70 more words


School Girl Styling

I must admit there is a very fine line between the corporate look and the private school girl look. I’ve decided to embrace the similarities and go all out year 8 with this Peter-Pan collared dress, striped blazer and lace up shoes. 31 more words


early morning hot dog

Its hot here. Ugly sticky hot weather. Wunderunderground says the current temperature is 67 degrees with 94 percent humidity at 6 am. And predicting temperatures in the high seventies. 152 more words

Fancy Friday

A few months ago a colleague of mine started a thing called Fancy Friday. It has not been officially implemented and honestly only her and I have adopted it, but it’s a nice way to end the week. 39 more words


Samurais & Pineapples

I have always been upfront about the fact that this blog is about 98% just for me. That is why I am happy to name this post something that only a very small number of people will understand – but it will forever be the words I associate with last night and this particular outfit. 28 more words


Happy Cat, Happy Dog

The animals are delighted to have us home. In particular, Sophia has become my shadow. She’s either on me or sleeping right next to me every second I am at home. 94 more words