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Mug shot and stuff...

Okay you guys, Gibber’s been thinking. I can hear your collective response. For the record I do think, and it’s not always bad.  Would you like to know what I’ve thought? 427 more words

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The Boss Behind Bugs Bunny

A sign promoting What’s Up Doc, the Animation Art of Chuck Jones, at the Steinway Street stop in Astoria, Queens.

For Chuck Jones, the basis of all great animation was a straight line. 962 more words

TV Tropes Tuesday: TV Tropes: On One Condition

This trope is related to Unexpected Inheritance, and very often, it coincides with it. A character receives an inheritance.  But there are conditions to be met.   1,040 more words

Guilty Pleasures

I like to think that I’m somewhat intelligent. Somewhat being the key word here. The books I read, while plenty entertaining with rich plot and interesting, complex characters, lean a bit more towards the literary than the commercial side.   659 more words

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