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Fun Friday Post - Our Favourite Language Converters

Around here, we’re no strangers to fun tools, like great lorem ipsum or hilarious stock photos, and now we bring you our favourite fake translation sites for when you want your copy to have extra pizzazz. 192 more words

Fun Friday Post

New trending GIF tagged movies basketball michael jordan...

New trending GIF tagged movies, basketball, michael jordan, bugs bunny, space jam, daffy duck, elmer fudd, marvin the martian, monstars, spacejam via http://ift.tt/1vUXXu3

Are You Pondering What I'm Pondering?

Narf! Brain … don’t open the email that says it contains nude pictures of Elmer Fudd. It does.


That’s All Folks As Saturday Morning Cartoons End

A few weekends ago, the CW decided to stop showing Saturday morning cartoons which pretty much tore down the last bastion of Saturday morning cartoons. Now ever since this happened I’ve heard “gurus” and “experts” coming forward to explain why there is no need for the institution that was once called Saturday morning cartoons. 570 more words

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Why I Don’t Use Twitter

I am asked quite often if I have a Twitter account, and when I say no, I usually get a sad “Oh, you poor thing” look. 982 more words

"Sticks That Make Thunder"

I am no Second Amendment Sister. I am a Million Mom Marcher from way back. No toy guns allowed at my house. Only water pistols and Super- Soakers. 1,477 more words

Spirituality And Mental Health