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This 3 Bedroom 2 Bath home is in Elmer NJ. Home is larger than it appears and tastefully redone. Roof is 5 years old, Hot water Heater 1 year old. 21 more words

Pretty 'p'

The first letter we have learned this week is ‘p’. Vocabulary: porridge, pizza, pink, purple, pig, present, paint, plasticine, pasta

Writing Formation:


The Bear's Forest

Printing with bottle tops and new fly swatters. Mixing different shades of greens and browns.


When Goldilocks went into the house of the Bears...

After saying the story, which the children were familiar with, we had a go at acting it out! The children had turns to dress up and be Papa Bear, Mama Bear and Baby Bear, pouring oats into the big, medium and small bowls, giving out the big, medium and small spoons and cups, obsercing the big, medium and small chairs, being Goldilocks and cheekily checking the Bears’ house….it was loads of fun! 42 more words


Bear Hugs

We are learning about bears at school. We have mentioned brown bears, polar bears and panda bears so far, talking about their colour, physical features (teeth, claws, furry ears, big shiny wet nose, two goggly eyes, four legs, a tail.) We have also spoken about some bears which hibernate and that the bears eat a lot of food when children go back to school (so that children understand Autumn) and sleep in the cave. 86 more words