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Revising letters

Apart from learning new letters, it is important that the children keep being exposed to the letters they have already learned to make sure they don’t forget them. 139 more words


Fabulous 'f'

This week we learned all about the letter ‘f’. Some vocabulary which we learned starting with ‘f’ was:


Number writing: 4 and 7

Last week we started off writing numbers and printing fruit and/or vegetables according to the number (number value.) We are starting writing the numbers made up of straight lines, which are easier for the children to write. 31 more words


Lollies and ladybirds!

To revise the letter ‘l’ which we have learned about last week, we prepared marshmallow lollies using marshmallows, melted chocolate chips (we used chocolate chips so they melt faster,) sprinkles, coconut and a popsickle stick. 24 more words


Was Grandma Elsie a Bigamist?

For some time many years, I have been on the trail of my great-grandmother, Sarah Elsie Gardner. Young, attractive and melancholy, by all accounts, Elsie had a difficult time settling into life as the wife of a sheep farmer. 1,092 more words