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Retro Review

I am a huge fan of Review. They make a huge range of vintage inspired clothes that are perfect for bringing a little glam to the office. 48 more words


Little Details

I’ve mentioned many times before that I try to avoid all black outfits, and at first glance that’s what this looks like. But it’s the little details that keep it from being too plain. 69 more words




She has a nanny called Manny. He has tattoos for sleeves and he might go in with some guys to buy a grilled cheese truck. 323 more words

Pleasant Peasant

At some stage in the early 2000’s peasant tops were a huge fashion trend. These light (both in colour and weight) tops were perfect for the Australian summer and honestly, I’m a little sad they aren’t a thing anymore. 37 more words


Spring Work Basics

I often spend so much time putting together the perfect outfit that I forget about the simple joy of basics. Today it is a very pleasant 27 degrees in Melbourne so I opted for beige tights and tonight I’m working at a cocktail party, so this super simple and classic black and white ensemble was an easy choice. 10 more words


Rashy Regulars

Every now and then the human body does something totally inexplicable. Suddenly, after doing the same thing hundreds of times it reacts badly. This is what I experienced last week. 77 more words


Tight tights

The one thing I am dreading about summer is losing the security of black tights. For the past few months tights have been an almost daily part of my outfit, they have allowed me to get away with a lot of tight and short skirts at work (like this one), but as the temperatures creep towards 30 and beyond minis will have to be swapped for midis in an attempt to cover up my pasty white legs. 19 more words