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No Assembly Required

As much as I love the achievement of assembling a fantastic outfit out of nothing, there is a wonderful feeling of having a few pieces that are simple and stylish. 70 more words


happy birthday, eloise!

Well, sweet Eloise, as I type this, it’s midnight on the dot and officially your birthday. I’m taking a step back to let this sink in a bit, and I probably will all day tomorrow, too. 958 more words


School Girl Styling

I must admit there is a very fine line between the corporate look and the private school girl look. I’ve decided to embrace the similarities and go all out year 8 with this Peter-Pan collared dress, striped blazer and lace up shoes. 31 more words


Fancy Friday

A few months ago a colleague of mine started a thing called Fancy Friday. It has not been officially implemented and honestly only her and I have adopted it, but it’s a nice way to end the week. 39 more words


Samurais & Pineapples

I have always been upfront about the fact that this blog is about 98% just for me. That is why I am happy to name this post something that only a very small number of people will understand – but it will forever be the words I associate with last night and this particular outfit. 28 more words


Shades of Grey

I think I’m about 47 shades short of a dirty novel! Which is probably for the best because I wore this outfit to work yesterday. 57 more words


Falling into my Lap

There are many things that determine what outfit I wear; my mood, the weather, what I have on, what’s clean etc. but this outfit just fell into my lap – literally! 42 more words