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Rashy Regulars

Every now and then the human body does something totally inexplicable. Suddenly, after doing the same thing hundreds of times it reacts badly. This is what I experienced last week. 77 more words


Tight tights

The one thing I am dreading about summer is losing the security of black tights. For the past few months tights have been an almost daily part of my outfit, they have allowed me to get away with a lot of tight and short skirts at work (like this one), but as the temperatures creep towards 30 and beyond minis will have to be swapped for midis in an attempt to cover up my pasty white legs. 19 more words


Vintage Nikes

Despite this awesome mustard jumper, for me the star of this outfit are these Vintage Hightop Nikes.
Mum my purchased these in the 80s when they first made them in women’s sizes and about 2 years ago my dad discovered them buried in a box of snorkelling gear (the mystery of how they ended up there is still unsolved). 34 more words


She knows I'm crying now

This is just one of many other songs that remind me of my brother. He has influenced my tastes through his record/tape/cd/MP3/record collection immensely, I would argue that from the late 1980s onwards he has done so more than anybody else. 181 more words


Orange you sick of it?

Like a bad knock-knock joke, I seem to keep repeating orange. Maybe not heaps, but twice in one week seems a bit keen. This skirt is one of those pieces that I love, but some how gets forgotten amongst the clutter of my wardrobe. 29 more words


My Key to Curls

My hair was particularly curly yesterday. Unfortunately I didn’t take a picture before I left for work, so it was a bit messed up when I took this shot, but you get the idea. 88 more words


Orange Night Out

This weekend quickly went from “I have nothing to do” to two big nights out. Friday in particular because my friend Shaun and I decided to get dressed up for no particular reason and go dancing. 34 more words