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Elric Vol. 1: The Ruby Throne Trailer

A stunning new comic adaptation of the classic Elric of Melniboné novels by Michael Moorcock!

The ancient island of Melniboné has been ruled by Elric, the albino emperor, for millennia. 79 more words


I Will Hug Him and Pet Him and Squeeze Him...

“Excalibur!” Thomas raised the shiny sword into the sky. “It is a fitting name!”

“Sure,” said Patrick, “if you want to renowned for being unoriginal, and a plagiarist to boot.” 419 more words

Daily Prompt

Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood: An Anime Review

Fullmetal Alchemist makes no sense. This might be a bold claim in a genre where enormous multicoloured explosions and spiritual laser beam fights happen almost every episode, but it’s true. 1,343 more words


Skeptic heroes

I’ve been spending the last two hours trying to find my way around the various reprints and repackagings of Michael Moorcock’s Elric series. I read the books out of order, part in English and part in Italian translation, back when I was in high school. 387 more words