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Do you want to build a snowman?

A few moths ago the girls and I were sitting in the dining room eating dinner, when C who had been working and joined us late, walked into the kitchen to serve himself a plate. 727 more words


It is in your self-interest to find a way to be very tender.

This is all but a “ditto, ditto device”.


How to use OR in IF, ELSE, THEN Condition - VB.Net

Trying to write a IF, ELSE, THEN statement with a few conditions. Below is my vb.net code:

If AdvisoryFirms.AdvisoryFirmNameTextBox.Text <> "Egan Jones" Or _
        AdvisoryFirms.AdvisoryFirmNameTextBox.Text <> "Farient Advisors" Or _
        AdvisoryFirms.AdvisoryFirmNameTextBox.Text <> "Glass Lewis" Or _
        AdvisoryFirms.AdvisoryFirmNameTextBox.Text <> "Internal Guidelines" Or _
        AdvisoryFirms.AdvisoryFirmNameTextBox.Text <> "ISS" Or _
        AdvisoryFirms.AdvisoryFirmNameTextBox.Text <> "None" Then
            RunSql("insert into institution_has_policy (institution_id,policy_id) values (" & _
                    InstitutionID & "," & NewPolicyID & ")")
End if
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2 papers tomorrow

Not sure which genius in SEAB decided to plant such a combination, like Chem Paper 3 AND Geog Paper 1 on the same day because both are so terribly memory intensive..!!! 278 more words


What Else We Use The Bathroom For At Work

A new survey asked Americans what they’ve done in the bathroom at work besides actually USE the bathroom.

It’s hard to find a private space at work when you need to get away from the madness. 98 more words