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Rumah Sate Barkada Meal

I first discovered Ketchup in May of 2012, just a few months after they opened. I never doubted that this place would be popular. And after meeting the guy who (owns) and conceptualized the place, the more appreciative I became with this space. 349 more words

Baguio Food Blog

Graduate Activities: Lyno Vuth at SA SA BASSAC, Phnom Penh

Traversing Expanses
by Pete Pin, Amy Lee Sanford and Seoun Som
curated by Vuth Lyno
at SA SA BASSAC, Phnom Penh
July 18 – September 6, 2014… 138 more words


At Night in Ohio

Ten o’clock at night,
tired and tea-less,
ironing a shirt
in Cleveland, Ohio.

Some moments come asking
is that all there is?
But this dark seventh floor… 56 more words


Busan: Ajummas be trippin', Love Motels be Bangin'

Ajummas, a terrifying breed of Korean woman, are a force of nature that one must understand and revere, the way one would the stormy sea, or say, a crocodile. 521 more words


elsewhere, one.

Hello, everyone!

Recently I have starting co-blogging with Erin over at her wonderful blog, The In-Between Place. I encourage you to follow her- she’s awesome! 96 more words

The In-Between Place

Savage Muslim Beasts Taking Over Iraq Order All Women Aged 11 To 46 To Undergo Genital Mutilation

Jihadists in Iraq have ordered that all women between the ages of 11 and 46 undergo female genital mutilation, a UN official said Thursday.

“It is a fatwa (or religious edict) of ISIS, we learnt this this morning,” said Jacqueline Badcock, the number two UN official in Iraq. 30 more words


On the Market: Hamptons Buyers Get Cheap, Sinks Expensive; Whither 'Broken Windows'?

Good morning, home-owner. Are you the in the market for an elaborate, 18th century-style door knocker, towel ring or sink basin? Well, head on down to P.E. 433 more words