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The Forest Giraffe (Okapi)

The Giraffoidea are a superfamily of artiodactyl mammals. They first evolved in the Miocene and they share a common ancestor with the deer and antelopes (and a slightly more distant common ancestor with hippos, pigs, and cows). 544 more words


Difficult loves and complicated kisses

Difficult loves and complicated kisses:
My love burns electrically elusive and hard to get to know.
The unrequited essence of consummate loneliness is closer than compassion. 116 more words


Elusive Number 6

Temporary Name:

Elusive Number 6

Gender: Female
Color: Black & White
Fur: Short

Born: Approximately 4/17/14

Mom: Lil Mamma
Family: 6 kittens

Currently available for adoption. 191 more words

Lil Mamma

Elusive love

Why is it that you seem to allude me,
When all I want is to be locked in the privacy of your heart, 151 more words

Night Blooming Jasmine

Daily Post:  http://pintsof.wordpress.com/2014/07/17/daily-prompt-nosey-delights/

My favorite nosey delight is the elusive scent of the night blooming jasmine that teases me on warm, tropical nights.

It is the inspiration for this poem: 33 more words


Happiness, ii.

The search for Happiness is elusive. Seek Happiness intentionally and your road is paved with hardship, but makes it all the more sweeter. However, the best kind of happiness is that which is stumbled upon. 125 more words


Random Gleitzeit Interactive

Random Gleitzeit Interactive

1. Graham Soult writes:

what all this Paul Jaisini thing is about… Does he exist? Does anyone care? Having said that, the Paul Jaisini website…  194 more words

Paul Jaisini