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Free thoughts from a rock 'n' roll philosopher

A few weeks ago, during a free promotional period, I downloaded a new eBook by Grant Maxwell called How Does It Feel? Elvis Presley, The Beatles, Bob Dylan and the Philosophy of Rock and Roll… 198 more words


Making It Big: Somewhere The King

Students, eh? A mass band of mad, crazy, drink riddled folk acting as a burden to society, right? Well, there are a few who buck the trend. 727 more words


Captain America is all shook up!

Cap posing as Elvis, two American greats! Here is the line drawing with the finished piece. I also included a couple studies I did before attempting the final pose.

Heartbreak Hotel

Heartbreak Hotel

Elvis Presley

I love how the announcer calls it Heartbreak Motel.


Elvis Easter Sunday Special

For Easter Sunday morning,  The Elvis & Friends Show will have a double Spotlight feature…..Elvis Unplugged and Elvis’ favorite songs of Inspiration.  Don’t miss this Easter Sunday morning special. 89 more words


Small World?

If you didn’t like my post about Stan Kesler on Sunday, you’ll probably want to pass on this post. But if you like this one and missed the one about Stan, you’ll definitely want to go back and read it. 392 more words

On Aging Gracelessly