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This is about two locations: the Elysian Fields and Acheron.

The cemetery is in a quiet vicinity with a construction palette synonymous to static colours, although you wouldn’t miss spotting it with its elaborate stone-carved door frame at the threshold, depicting intricate sculptures of the appearances of Death in a vividly remembered mythology. 227 more words


Elysian Fields

I’m rising and falling

and floating thru’ time

like a leaf on a breeze

in the mist

to Elysian Fields,

lush pastures to seize

while a song plays and… 130 more words


Notes on The Julian Day - Like Who Cares Right? (Haha)

Midnight 12am: It’s that time of night when one can be convinced that his quiet, mindful wanderings might have some relevance to other wanderers of the Elysian Fields. 323 more words

The Julian Day

Exercise on 'Elysian'


When breath vacates my body in a sigh,
And hooded Death has clutched me to his chest,
When softly in Elysian Fields tread I,


I’ll walk in fields of green with those held high, 123 more words

Oh, to be in England!

I wrote last month about our impending return to England, ten years after we had left it to move to Canada.  I haven’t yet found words to express the range and depth of feeling that emerged from that time.   668 more words

Dea Fischer

Update: Ex-boyfriend of missing teen Alicia Benefield arraigned on murder charge - ArkLatexHomepage.com

The man who was arrested in connection with the death of a missing DeBerry, Texas teen has been arraigned on a murder charge.

Rodris Webster, who was arraigned around 8:30 a.m. 19 more words


Harrison County Officials search for missing teen Alicia Benefield - ArkLatexHomepage.com

The search continues for a missing East Texas woman.
19-year-old, Alicia Benefield, was reported missing early Friday morning.

Her car was found in a church parking lot near her home in DeBerry, Texas. 30 more words