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Emacs 4 Developers

“Emacs, thanks to major and minor modes, can be transformed into a powerful specific development environment.

According to the kind of files you are editing (or a command you type), it can change and give you specific features that fit the need of a programming language (or a task like debugging, launching unit tests, …” 6 more words


Installing org2blog to blog

Recently, I’ve become enamored with all the things that can be done with Emacs. Originally, the only thing I used Emacs for is Clojure programming. Gradually, I also started using Emacs for R and Latex. 411 more words


Emacs learning - day 1

It’s been little over an year since I’ve learned CS stuff. I started with Python and then C, Java, HTML, CSS, etc. So far I preferred simple(TextWrangler, gedit) tools to heavy tools like NetBeans and Eclipse.  272 more words

CS - Programming

Enlisting Elisp 00: An Introduction.

I’ve been using Emacs for quite some time now and while this time amasses to be just a drop in the bucket when compared to the long careers of others in/on this spectrum, it is significant. 276 more words

Emacs Lisp

Using qdbus to put screenshots into your Emacs Org-Mode files.

Some people enjoy Org-Mode for note taking, todo-lists or research notebooks.

Pasting screenshots in Org-Mode is not straight forward. Inspired by a mailing list entry… 184 more words


highlight-indentation and indent-guide in Emacs

Both are handy tools for indentation visualization. But indent-guide only show the current block indentation, and the “current-column-indentation-mode” from highlight-indentation is not smart enough. So I use them simultaneously. 24 more words