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Fix Emacs "No Usable Browser Found" error

Recently I’ve moved from Chromium to Google Chrome on Linux. But the problem is that emacs does not recognize it out-of-the-box.

To fix this problem, you can add the following snippet to your… 82 more words

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Building A True Unix Keyboard

compact keyboards that do away with a third of the keys you would usually find on a normal-sized keyboard are all the rage now, but for , they weren’t good enough. 212 more words

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GNU Emacs: Competing With Other Editors---Should It?

Today while browsing the Emacs Reddit I came across this interesting thread. The sensationlist title contains the following quote from co-maintainer Stefan Monnier:

We’re not in the business of competing.

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#kensington seems to like #emacs. The little cpu monitor doohickey (that is a highly technical term) barely even registers that the cpu is even working.

I just found ttrss.el. I guess I can read my tt-rss from Gnus in #emacs

Coolness, I changed a coupkle of settings on #emacs to hopefully make it more usable for me. Mostly color changes. I am half-colorblind so I can’t see a lot of what is going on