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GNU Emacs for OS X is a Win

I’ve used Aquamacs for the past four years or so. It has its strong points.

But I’ve always been a little unhappy with its slow performance relative to native Emacs (I use a MacBook Pro), and its unique initialization and behaviors. 76 more words

Welcome, New Emacs Developers

Emacs switched the version control system from Bazaar to git yesterday, so now is the time to start hacking away at Emacs.

Emacs: The Best Thing Since Sliced Bread If It Wasn’t For The Fact That Emacs Was Actually Invented Before Sliced Bread.

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Back to the Future

After my embarrassing post about anaconda, I’ve awakened a Jonesing for working again in Lisp. I think I’ll look for a project to contribute to — maybe start by fixing some minor bugs in an Emacs package, or something similar.

Emacs company-mode and company-anaconda

When setting up your .emacs to automatically add company-anaconda to your company-backends list, eval-after-load is your friend:

;;; Company, and Company backends.
(add-hook 'after-init-hook 'global-company-mode)
(eval-after-load 'company
    '(add-to-list 'company-backends 'company-anaconda)

Driving the Scsh disassembler from Geiser

(Note: This post refers to functionality provided by geiser-scsh.)

Most Scheme 48 and scsh programmers are familiar with the \,dis command. It allows you to disassemble Scheme code (a procedure or continuation) into the “assembly” understood by the Scheme 48 virtual machine. 633 more words


Publishing in Wordpress with emacs and org2blog

This is my first post using emacs, org2blog and wordpress. I gotta say that this will save a lot of time and make my posts a way more time-efficient. 1,030 more words


Set up Javascript development environment in Emacs

Set up Javascript development environment in Emacs

The built-in js-mode in Emacs does not provide many features for working with js framework beside js editing and syntax highlighting. 16 more words