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Best. Markdown. Writing. Setup. Ever.

When writing in a source format such as Markdown, it’s nice to be able to see your changes show up automatically in the output. One of my favorite ways to work is to have Emacs and Firefox open side by side (as shown above). 212 more words


顶点数组对象 VAO(Vertex Array Object) (转)



OpenGL抛弃glEnable(),glColor(),glVertex(),glEnable()这一套流程的函数和管线以后,就需要一种新的方法来传递数据到Graphics Card来渲染几何体,我们可以用VBO, 在3+版本我们可以使用Vertex Array Object-VAO,VAO是一个对象,其中包含一个或者更多的Vertex Buffer Objects。而VBO是Graphics Card中的一个内存缓冲区,用来保存顶点信息,颜色信息,法线信息,纹理坐标信息和索引信息等等。 VAO在Graphics Card线性的存储几个对象信息,替代了以前发送我们需要的数据到Graphics Card上,这也是Direct3D没有立即模式情况下工作的方法,这就意味着应用程序不需要传输数据到Graphics Card上而得到较高的性能。

step 1

unsigned int vaoID[1]; // Our Vertex Array Object
unsigned int vboID[1]; // Our Vertex Buffer Object
float* vertices = new float; // Vertices for our square
delete [] vertices; // Delete our vertices from memory
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How to use isync and the dovecot mail server to read your Gmail in Emacs efficiently

I have been using using Sacha Chua’s how to on using offlineimap and dovecot several times. But when I bought my latest notebook I wasn’t able to get offlineimap up and running. 459 more words


OpenGl (1) Environment setup



参考官方的这个教程学习openGL , 笔记. 我选择的是win7 + vs2012 环境.其中用到了glew , glfw , glm 等库. 辛酸的路程开始了…


vc++ 添加类库 参考视频: setting up openGl on visual studio… 313 more words


Fix Emacs "No Usable Browser Found" error

Recently I’ve moved from Chromium to Google Chrome on Linux. But the problem is that emacs does not recognize it out-of-the-box.

To fix this problem, you can add the following snippet to your… 82 more words

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Building A True Unix Keyboard

compact keyboards that do away with a third of the keys you would usually find on a normal-sized keyboard are all the rage now, but for , they weren’t good enough. 212 more words

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