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Emacs DOM Traversal

I’ve been doing a bit of web scraping with Emacs lately, and I haven’t been totally satisfied with how my dom.el library worked.

But on Friday I was fiddling around with some jQuery stuff, and I noticed how handy it was that jQuery functions that dealt with a single node (like .attr()) could be fed a list of jQuery objects.  251 more words


Source Code Digging: Emacs-Org-Babel


When we call `C-c C-c` inside a source code block, the function `org-ctrl-c-ctrl-c` will be invoked. The function is content-aware and does different things depending on the context. 1,648 more words


Journal #17: Mail from Emacs - Part #1

Whisper: Yeah, this is probably the most crazy thing I’ve ever done (with emacs, sure).


I have a couple of e-mail accounts out there; this is inevitable nowadays. 661 more words

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Enlisting Elisp 01: The Slow Start.

Once again, I find that I have overwhelmed myself with too many things at once. The new school year has fallen this past Monday, with it an active attempt to salvage my sleep schedule to something the western world deems “appropriate”… It has been an active challenge and one that has left me zonked for nearly the entirety of the time I get home from schooling, till the time I go to bed. 104 more words


Emacs: No More of My Own Code for PHP Mode

My apologies for the quiet month, as I’ve plans weighing on my mind. In the past I have asked for another Emacs Lisp developer to hopefully step up and offer to maintain… 146 more words

Programming Languages

Emacs 4 Developers

“Emacs, thanks to major and minor modes, can be transformed into a powerful specific development environment.

According to the kind of files you are editing (or a command you type), it can change and give you specific features that fit the need of a programming language (or a task like debugging, launching unit tests, …” 6 more words