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chapter one : review

some questions about Hello World


Northbridge and Southbridge

  • PCI bridge 北桥芯片

    为了协调CPU ,内存 和 高速的图形设备而专门设计,使之高速交流数据.

  • ISA bridge 南桥


  • 多核处理器 , 共用价格昂贵的缓存设备.
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SLIME for Emacs Live

Emacs Live is a frakkin’ epic compilation of customizations and packages, streamlined for the ultimate hacking experience. As I mentioned in my last post, Adventures in Clojure… 308 more words


Help in Emacs

I have never seen such an text editor, with so much documentation for almost everything available to it. Working on it, puts me many times, looking unknowingly and with amazement to the keyword, thanks there is this online help available for Emacs,  which can be easily called from withing Emacs. 107 more words


Emacs & Clojure : a wonderful life

Hi all,

I ‘ve just spent one week struggling against the magic combo:

  • a debian base distro
  • Emacs
  • org-mode
  • Clojure

Sounds stupid for something so easy while reading numerous posts or blogs. 281 more words

Non Classé

EMACS as programmer's IDE

Little bit of background

I am one of those believers of Sublime Text. With its various plugins it allows developers to integrate seamlessly software development workflow… 603 more words


Lessons trying to sort

Disclaimer: If you are thinking I would be talking about sorting algorithms, then, well, sorry. This is about my experience trying to get the Dired Mode… 1,683 more words