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eww can haz font

After some help from Eli, I now have a proof of concept of rendering HTML with proportional fonts in Emacs.  The main difficulty is, of course, doing line folding on a pixel basis instead of a word basis, and lining stuff up in tables. 134 more words


if (tern && emacs) pwn();

Ya hace mucho tiempo que estoy intentando aprender javascript, soy una fanática de emacs, pero envidiaba mucho el autocomplete de la consola del explorador… y ayer, buscando por internet cómo tunnear mi emacs, me topé con… 310 more words


Doing My Math Homework...

Well, it was bound to happen some day… Recently, a new quarter began, and with it new classes. One of said classes is a boolean algebra class, which means lots of fancy math runes to be drawn on pieces of dead trees. 796 more words


Eight Megs And Constantly Swapping...

That was the reverse acronym for the (still very) popular text editor in the Unix world known as EMACS. I don’t know if there was a real acronym that resulted in EMACS, probably, but it’s not important. 1,013 more words

Some Useful RCIRC Snippets

I have started using rcirc as my main IRC client for a while now, and I really like the simplicity of its configuration. All of my important IRC options now fit in a couple of screens of text. 746 more words


Vim Vs. Emacs

Throughout my coding experiences, I have learned that the IDE you use plays an important rule in your development. This year in school, we have had to switch from things like Eclipse, probably the most user friendly IDE out there, to using more console-based IDE’s like Emacs and Vim. 75 more words


Coloring emacs active pane

When working using multi-panes within emacs, I often lose track of which pane my cursor is on.

There’s a very easy way to customize emacs to color panes differently based on whether they are active: