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My first org2blog post

Hello there, I’m just blogging from within Emacs, using the org2blog package. This is sooooooo great! I’m lovin’ it!


Compiling Unity projects from within Emacs

I’m often asked how I get Emacs to compile up Unity projects*, and I thought it would be worthwhile writing a proper post on what I’ve done to make this a relatively painless process. 868 more words


Learning Emacs


In this tutorial, I am going to talk about setting up emacs so that it will be easier for new users to get to their programming or editing tasks without much barrier. 884 more words

W3m with Emacs on OSX

Why would you want to do this? (You probably don’t :P)

In my case, I have a similar setup on a Linux box, and I like consistency, so … 188 more words


Using AllegroCL with Emacs

One way is the SLIME way — similar to any other lisp/scheme implementation, install it, set inferior-lisp-program, add (slime-setup '(slime-fancy)) to your .emacs, and run… 337 more words


Solarized (everywhere!)

The black text on white background always seemed to cause me eye strain. On the other hand, the white-on-black or green-on-black seem too intense (too high-contrast) after a while, and made switching to a browser with its white background (yes, I’ve tried out the “high contrast” extension in chrome, it screws up colors too much for my taste) a jarring experience. 203 more words


Google translate in emacs


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