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Google translate in emacs


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Scsh Manual Available in Texinfo Format

I am pleased to announce that, many years later, the famous Scsh Reference Manual has been converted to Texinfo. You can get your very own copy here: … 190 more words


Emacs hideshow.el is wonderful

Combined with hs-org mode, it’s really handy to fold the codes!

The amazing thing is when I use incre-search, it automatically hide or show the codes when highlighted or un-highlighted. 10 more words


Emacs, in baby steps

Well on my way to getting Emacs under my belt as a useful tool. It’s been a long hard (and interrupted) slog over the last few years but this time when I came back to it I found that my fingers already remembered all the basics and I could actually focus on getting productive. 38 more words


Oh my emacs (and a promsise)

Finally a free Sunday, emacs hacking and yak shaving all day. Couldn’t be happier. There is quite bit of interesting work coming up for me, lots of fun problems to solve, and solutions I will easily forget if I don’t write them down somewhere. 267 more words


Customizing Emacs

I believe the environment in which one works is directly responsible for one’s productivity. It’s the reason I think, it’s important to choose the right editor, font, etc. 495 more words


A better way to do it?

For quite a few years now, I’ve been using Lilypond as my software of choice for any music-notation-related tasks.

As well as being incredibly powerful (and fairly straightforward to get a basic handle on, at least for someone who had  quite a bit of previous experience typesetting mathematics in… 869 more words