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Algorithm for detecting spam in emails, called SMTP Path Analysis

As reported from the New Scientist, a team of researchers from IBM, and Cornell University developed a new algorithm for detecting spam in emails, called SMTP Path Analysis. 55 more words

Yahoo.com change throws some marketers a curve ball

Last weekend, Yahoo.com made a security change to their domain that affects anyone sending email with the From Address of @yahoo.com that isn’t using Yahoo!’s servers to send the mail.  353 more words

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Reason number 24,601 to Not Use Free Email as Your “From”

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A few years ago a new email anti-spam fighting authentication tool DMARC was created. The system creates a pretty restricted way of authenticating email, the short of which says email from a domain is only legit if it comes certain ways. 239 more words


GMail Shakes Up Email… Again

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GMail is shaking up the email world again. In 2013, Gmail changed email by introducing its email tabs. The function placed email into various categories based on the content. 291 more words


How To Improve Your Email Deliverability

Improve Your Email Deliverability With These Few Tips

Every month you strive to come up with relevant and timely information to include in your email newsletter or basic marketing campaign. 312 more words


How the Top 4 Email Providers Determine What Is and Isn’t Spam

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A comprehensive breakdown of GMail, Outlook, Yahoo and AOL Considerations

Every email provider is a kingdom with their own laws, rules, and customs. 1,065 more words


Google is Making it Easier to Unsubscribe

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At the Messaging, Malware and Mobile Anti-Abuse Working Group Conference last week, Google announced it will be rolling out an easier way for Gmail users to unsubscribe from marketing emails. 360 more words