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3 tips for effective mobile email marketing

Global marketing trends are changing and it will only do your business good to adapt your digital and online marketing campaigns according to changing trends. It is no surprise that with time, email marketing has gradually emerged as the most preferred form of digital marketing, with an estimated 3.1bn email accounts currently in use and rising. 625 more words

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6 key tactics for effective email marketing

In a research conducted among adult internet users in the US in 2013, it was seen that on an average, an adult spends 29 minutes each day on his/her emails (Statista). 806 more words

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12 Email Marketing Tips for MDs and FAs

To Ensure Your Campaign Isn’t a Waste of Time and Money

By Mark Ford

The success of your email marketing campaign will depend on a number of things, from how you grow your list, the times and days you send them, to the type of content you send. 164 more words

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Keeping your customers close: 5 ways to retain customers with email marketing

Imagine yourself making an online purchase. While purchasing something would you prefer to return to a trusted E-Commerce website or experiment with a new site? While in certain cases exploring a new site is the right choice, research shows that it’s more common to return to an old, trusted site. 756 more words

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10 Tips Email Marketing Campaign #Part2

Email marketing campaigns are essential elements of any marketing strategy. They communicate and build relationships with prospects, gather important data, and help boost marketing ROI. As important as these campaigns are for marketers, many miss the mark and continue to fall short on the campaign’s return. 554 more words

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5 Benefits of Email Campaigns: Why Email Marketing is good for your business

Let me ask you a few questions? Do you like rummaging through your belongings to try finding something received a few months back? How about making adjustments to your schedule so as to make time to visit the post-office? 649 more words

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