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Email marketing links and posts – a curated collection from around the Web

Scoop.it is a popular content curation service. The section on email marketing is an excellent repository of hand-picked and carefully chosen resources to further your knowledge and expertise on email

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Email Marketing

How to add a Paypal "Donate" button to a Mailchimp campaign?

Have you encountered a problem when you tried to insert a Paypal donate button in your Mailchimp campaign?

Here is an easy solution:

1. Create a button in Paypal… 55 more words

Email Marketing

Chỉ bạn cách tạo tiêu đề Email quảng cáo thu hút

Mấy năm trở lại đây, phần mềm Email Marketing tốt nhất được coi là công cụ hữu ích giúp doanh nghiệp đưa thông tin trực tiếp đến khách hàng với chi phí và thời gian tối ưu nhất so với các phương thức khác. 805 more words

4 Steps to Writing Emails with Drastically Higher Open and Click-Through Rates

Updated: Even if your email list is huge, poor open and click-through rates prevent you from spreading the word about your marketing campaigns. Here are four tips to help you write more engaging, super-clickable emails.

Copywriting: Brevity is the soul of marketing

Updated: Copy that communicates succinctly with customers is often a last thought in copywriting, making relevance a true casualty of your effort to connect with customers. 18 more words

Three-quarters of millennials expect brands to be entertaining

Updated: If you had to describe your branded content in one word, what would it be? Informative? Engaging? Boring? (I hope not) Upbeat? How about entertaining? 38 more words

Fashionistas in Texas would rather read emails on their smartphone

Updated: Fashionistas in Texas would rather read your email on their smartphone than on a desktop. It’s totally true, the new “Q3 2014 U.S. Consumer Device Preference Report” from Movable Ink says so. 25 more words