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Insta Favs - No.14

This picture was on Instagram over two months ago and I managed to find it and share with you guys. Just take a look at everything he is wearing, literally, from top to bottom, his outfit is just BAD. 76 more words

Vintage Yard UK

Interactivity… Versatility… Productivity

Vintage Yard UK, bringing out the world affordable vintage clothing at the tip of your fingertips. A group of Vintage lovers with an entrepreneurial mind set came together to create a business  where they bring pleasure and fashion to LIFE. 169 more words

Never Give Up On This

بسم الله و الحمد لله والصلاة والسلام على رسول الله

Never, ever, ever give up on the Qur’an. This is the biggest lesson I have learned in my life. 311 more words


“Ikhlas is the way to salvation, Islam is the ship to safety and Eman is the seal of security.”
-Ibn Qayyima (Rahimahullah)



It’s baaaaaaaaaaaack!!! ☆☆ As always… FREE FOOD AFTER TALK

WHERE: Masjid Al Taqwa @ 72 Vaughan St Lidcombe

WHEN: Starts 8.00pm (after maghrib) 53 more words


"Tawheed is the right of Allaah...''

“Tawheed is the right of Allaah, the most obligatory upon His worshipers, it is the greatest of religious commands, the most basic of all fundamentals, and the firmest basis for deeds.”

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Hello World!

Hey there!

Welcome to my blog! My name is Eman/ Amy, I go by both so whatever works for you! :)

I’m just a crazy girl living in an even crazier world and I’m here to share a little piece of me with you! 15 more words