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Is Iman/Eemaan ALL about theories, concepts or articles of Faith? NO!

Linguistically, Iman الإيمان is testimony while Islam is surrender. But, the technical definition combines the two to include testimony of the heart, attestation by the tongue and affirmation with deeds. 189 more words

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Hawk House – "A Handshake To The Brain" [EP Stream]

Being a big fan of the brain and a narrative style of hip hop it was interesting to see how Hawk House joined the two on their new EP A Handshake To The Brain. 104 more words


Giant Clams!

This is my very first time to post a video here!

This was taken last weekend on our trip to Hundred Islands in Alaminos, Pangasinan.  There is a sanctuary for giant clams (known in Tagalog as taklobo) there are probably hundreds of them. 37 more words


Do you KNOW what you BELIEVE? Are your beliefs the same as those of Prophet's?


  1. Are the Angels and Jinns the same creatures? Do ghosts (souls of dead) exist?
  2. Qadr: If Allah knows if you would go to Heaven or Hell, why should you do good?
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