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So many people understand Arabic but don’t understand Islam. If true belief has not entered your heart, what good is your tongue? Having Eman means having belief in the heart, pronounced with the tongue, and action with the limbs. 36 more words

All Black Once Again

You guys know, I have to always share an ALL BLACK  outfit. I know I have’t blogged in ages, but this doesn’t mean Instagram has not been keeping updated with all the latest fashion heads and unique dressers out there. 132 more words

Table border is not giving the desire result

I am trying to make a table with rounded corners AND a single solid border between <tr>'s. However, I seem to have a bit of a problem correctly using border-collapse. 152 more words


Celebrating National Forest Week at rare: Forest Monitoring at a Glance

As I left my house for work this morning, I wished I had grabbed a warmer sweater; it’s always hard for me to transition from flip-flops and t-shirts to sneakers and sweaters. 595 more words

Eman Trailer

Here is a sneak preview of something exciting I’m working on that is coming soon….Eman.