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What's needed to walk the way from manager to executive?

Luckily it is a way that can be pleasantly when jointly between the company and the manager.

When thinking about the implications of moving a high performing manager into an executive position it is interesting to see that the better the planning, for the company as well as for the professionals involved, the more chances to be successful on the transition. 330 more words

A low-cost strategy for the car industry?

I think we are really entering an era of low cost for the automobile industry.

Though it’s not a similar low cost scenario as we’ve seen in other industries (such as travel or financial services, when the internet disrupted the distribution channels, hence dropping prices as well) but a one that will increase the margins and profitability of the car makers, and a one that will hardly translate into a drastic price dropping (except for the expected price fluctuation that any particular market/segment could experience following the classic demand / supply model). 669 more words


New Year Resolutions

If 2014 was a year that prepared the base and laid out the plans, 2015 has to be the one when we build onto that base and execute to those plans. 447 more words

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A typical end-of-semester weekend

No, it definitely doesn’t look like in this picture :)

Enrolling in an Executive MBA is the easiest thing, the fun or the pain, depending on how you look at it, starts after that. 837 more words

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How EMBA Can Help Entrepreneurs In Building Successful Start-Ups

If you are planning to start a business, then you must consider studying EMBA. With better utilisation of technology, better teaching approaches, networking opportunities, and self-financing options, numerous students are now flocking in to study EMBA programmes. 600 more words

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Trimester nr. 2 in few words

This was the longest I’ve been away from blogging since I started earlier this year, this is not the sort of record I want to make. 117 more words

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The difference between an MBA vs. an executive MBA program

If you’re considering getting your MBA, you might be asking yourself this question: Is an executive MBA program the same as an MBA program?

The simple answer is yes. 514 more words

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