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I'm a Professional

I’m a professional at embarrassing myself, and lately, as the days move quickly, I begin to wonder. Not about anything in particular, just, life. Does it ever drag you down, and then for good measure, it will punch you in the face to make sure you get the message? 531 more words

Blogmas Day 10: I'm An Embarrassment

Since coming to university, it seems as if the God of embarrassing moments has been following me around and unloading a lifetime’s supply onto my poor unsuspecting soul. 220 more words


How Not to Win a Dance Contest

My first night in Bolivia involves me and a dance contest, ending with mixed results

I tend to dance a lot in public, often willingly. But that is another story and shall be told another time. 667 more words


I fell down the stairs…literally!

My daily routine consists of coffee, packed lunches and day-long visits to the library, as I am currently trying to complete my research and submit my work before I start working in February. 480 more words


Poem: Embarrassed by this revolution

I heard talk of a revolution
and I slipped away, embarrassed,
eager to finish my coffee
and to not be branded an enemy
of the state. 308 more words


My addiction struggles

When I started this blog, I always intended it to be where I would discuss the good and great things in my life. Well I won’t be able to do that all the time. 285 more words

Your gift

Your capacity
For causing me pain and hurt,
Is endless my love