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The pregnant wife will defeat the apocalypse

I was alone, a dusty, grey landscape of cracks and rifts. The sky was bubbling orange because it was the end of the world and I could see it coming. 582 more words


Adventures At The Pet Store

My son caught a little, tiny frog the other day. He stored it in a small mason jar for days. No food. What do you feed a tiny frog? 498 more words

The post embarrassment era

I cringe when I read my old blog posts, my entire career is documented from inexperienced thoughts, hobby blogs to the last post before departing a fad platform (teenage Chris trying to chat up girls is still… 59 more words

Ridiculous In Pink

Yesterday it was raining too hard to go without an umbrella. I went back into my place and found only one umbrella there. A bright pink Victoria’s Secret umbrella. 179 more words

Personal Stories

Last Walk

We’ve had a smashing day today, despite the early rain.
My appointment with the nurse went OK and apparently I have a touch of housemaid’s knee. 322 more words


Snapchat Needs Filters

I enjoy Snapchat as much as the next person (What better way to send horrible selfies to your best friends?) but it prompts a slight issue.  87 more words