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As many of you may have picked up from my many post about it, I am currently studying Japanese as a second language.

I recently posted on facebook information about a drama I just finished. 166 more words


Tinder: it's a bit like Marmite, you either love it or you hate it?

Ah Tinder. The gift of natural selection just like when you are on a night out, except it’s through an app on your phone? What… 1,200 more words


Love as a survival skill

Love.  That’s what will get us through.  It’s the only thing that can.

Autism Parenting

I'm not funny

You didn’t laugh

That’s okay

I just wish you wouldn’t look at me like that


I didn’t mean to be weird

I just thought it sounded funny… 89 more words


Day Two: Things are heating up in Roswell in more ways than One....

It is now the second day, and Bunny Dearest is back on the streets after a fitful night…..

The annual UFO Festival, in Roswell, New Mexico, is a mix of fun and serious seekers….great for kids, too: water balloons, butterfly bicycles, rides, games and lots of yummy food.

The Life And Times Of Bunny Dearest

Day 5: With Reckless Abandon

Among my favourite things to do is going to the movies with Jake.

Jake watches movies the way he does most things in life – with complete and total reckless abandon.   439 more words

Posts About My Boring Life

Un-Finished Goals

When taking my English final exam today, I realized something about myself. Who would’ve thought that a high school class can actually teach us something useful that we can use in life? 102 more words