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Suntan lotion is good for me. You protect me; tee hee hee

Today I am going to tell you a story that involves me and embarrassment, which seldom happens but it did last Sunday. So sit back in your twirly little office chair and read on. 287 more words

My Own Goodies

little girl, big hurts

Found this post in my drafts from March 2014! Posting now because, well, I suck at creating compelling content lately and don’t want my blog to die a slow and painful death ;) Have some other gems too — not sure why I hadn’t hit publish on all these!?! 1,016 more words

Embarrassment - Discussion #13

Dear Reader,

Are you a person that will laugh along with others when you do something dumb? Are you a person that will get offended when people start laughing at you? 701 more words

In the beginning

My mother taught me chess when I was in grade school. I played sparingly throughout the years and somehow remembered the basic rules and piece movements despite the sparse use of the knowledge. 232 more words


Book Of Evil - Dirty Trick #10

Parking Lot Decoy

This isn’t so much a dirty trick, as something I like to do in a crowded Costco parking lot on a quiet, boring Saturday in July. 140 more words


The pregnant wife will defeat the apocalypse

I was alone, a dusty, grey landscape of cracks and rifts. The sky was bubbling orange because it was the end of the world and I could see it coming. 582 more words


Adventures At The Pet Store

My son caught a little, tiny frog the other day. He stored it in a small mason jar for days. No food. What do you feed a tiny frog? 498 more words