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A Series of Unfortunate Fuck-Ups

As my friends will gladly tell you, much to my irritation, I am a bit out of shape. I wouldn’t take this to any extreme, I simply mean I could do with losing a bit of weight and improving my general fitness. 624 more words


Window guy

I fell the other day. Right in front of a cafe I often go to in the mornings. It was a pratfall of the highest order, Laurel and Hardy style, they couldn’t have choreographed it better. 698 more words


Senior Train Rides, Speonk, and Discrimination

My sister Margaret sent me a nice article by Newsday Guest Columnist, Tony Smolenski, who was reminiscing about commuting on the Long Island Railroad, and how his train was often delayed to allow the train from Speonk to… 1,412 more words

Free Association

Pinky Up!

According to Zack I am not an embarrassment to have around, however I have on occasion given him pause. This hesitation is solely reserved for when we are at nice restaurants, because apparently I am a heathen to the finer things. 783 more words

What is it with people who scratches their butt in public?

butt scratching in public seems to annoy and disgust the heck out of me :D.Maybe the way it is so unexpected while you are walking behind somebody and those hands of theirs would just suddenly scratch that smexy ass. 296 more words

When No One's Watching

Some people are stubborn and will refuse to admit to this, but it’s a proven fact (by some scientist from some department of psychology that I don’t know and probably doesn’t exist) that people act much differently alone, away from other people. 370 more words

Oddity Of An Odyssey

another annual party

Around this time last year i was experiencing the trauma of preparing for the company annual party at an English training center. This year, working for a different company (how far I’ve come – it seems almost unbelievable now that people actually used to trust me with educating their children) I am unprepared once again for an occasion of humiliation and certain disaster. 401 more words