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If you have read my blog previously you understand that there have been Alot of Emotional highs and lows (admittedly more lows than highs) and recently I have been a little Too focused on the doom and gloom side of things, I cant promise that future posts wont be full of misery and self pity but I thought I would give you all a laugh at my expense.. 864 more words

The biggest lie I've ever told

My daughter: ” Mom, Are you okay? “.

Me:” I’m fine. “

My daughter: ” What’s the biggest and worst lie you ever told? “ 96 more words


If Ciel Phantomhive Farted in Public:

He would blush really hard and Blame it on Sebastian.But if Alois was there, he would laugh at him, like the bitch he is, and point it out to everyone before Ciel could even say a word!

That's Funny


Recently, Confessions of a Hollywood Nobody hit 800 followers! Thank you so much to everyone who has followed, you have made this a genuinely wonderful experience! 238 more words


Mirror, Mirror On the Wall...

I go back and forth like a pendulum swinging when it comes to body image and self-confidence. One minute I’m on a rant about how society has constructed this irrationally small little box for women to fit into when it comes to their bodies. 909 more words

Body Image

4-Year-Old Banned From Donut Shop For Asking Woman If She's Pregnant (VIDEO)

We ALL say some stupid stuff we regret. The difference between us and when a four-year-old does it, is they don’t KNOW any better! Cuz they’re F-O-U-R… 178 more words


Walkin' in Dresden

First things first, say the title out loud. It’s a heck of a stretch, but you’ll get it. I believe in you, dear reader. Now, you get to have a personal soundtrack as you read this, since Walking in Memphis is now stuck in your head. 801 more words