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5 things NOT to do at work.

We all have those momentary lapses of judgement sometimes – the ‘oops’ moments that burn in the back of your brain and make you cringe and shudder every time some egit at the office party utters the words ”remember when you…”. 391 more words

Most embarrassing moment

gee, i feel kinda self absorbed for having so┬ámany posts about myself. it’s like i’m advertising about myself to the world when i have nothing much to boast about. 376 more words

About Me

Embarrassed and ashamed

Okay, so here’s me trying to be all smart, I brought a scooter a while ago and it got delivered today. I decided to buy a scooter because I just thought, once my monthly oyster card runs out, I am not paying again, so I might as well get a scooter and scooter my butt to work. 352 more words


Alright! Already...

Never Say Never…

The other night I went on this date with a strapping young lad from across the pond. Strapping is sort of an understatement, he was goooooorgeous.

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Restless Banter

Mortified. - Noe-Marie

I think the worst part is the embarrassment.

I failed. I had this huge, beautiful wedding that I planned for 18 months. I had a family. 690 more words

Embarrassing Story

Hello Coolest Kids,

Embarrassing things are a natural occurrence in life; especially at a young age do embarrassing moments happen often. But they still haunt us in our daily lives today. 301 more words


Ugh... Is That Really What I Look Like?!

When we were all young teens there was an endless slew of horrible things that happened to us. As a girl it was periods and puberty, zits, blackheads, gaining weight but no boobs, etc. 671 more words

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