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It’s been almost a year without you, definitely a hard year without you. Seems like just yesterday I was blaring “Yellow” in my car because I was so happy to be with you (that was always my song for you.) Why are things so different now? 89 more words


Mildly depressed to suicidal in a day

So I have experienced several days like this and they often follow the same pattern – at least for me, cause none of this shit will be universal. 1,691 more words


Trying to process this evening. Low key, grilled 2 cheeseburgers and baked some fries. Just a simple meal, finished eating and was just sitting on the back porch as dusk settled into night and I heard some voices coming around the corner of the house.  70 more words

Sweet Revenge

I was bullied.

I was constantly being laughed at for being ‘not good enough’- in singing, dancing, hosting, writing, anything. I’ve been the joke before. I’ve been humiliated for like a lot, lot of times and have been doing my best to show that I didn’t mind. 258 more words

Embarrassed By Your Summer Cocktail Party Skills? Here’s What To Do

Dear Laurel,
After being a guest at 726 cocktail parties, I figured I had better host one or risk social exile forever.
Actually, I am looking forward to having everyone over and I am trying to think of the best way to get people OUT OF THE KITCHEN and into the other spaces of my house. 9 more words

Women Ideas

Sooo Embarrassing Vol.1

Some pretty embarrassing things have happened to me in my lifetime. Thank GAWD they have slowed down since I have been grown but stuff still happens and after I finish being embarrassed it really is funny as hell.  923 more words

Calling Nurse Colleen from Ward G51....

UPDATE:  Since this post went live, I’ve had an email from my lovely Colleen. Read on and you’ll see just why I wanted to contact this wonderful nurse!   365 more words

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