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Etiquette in the steam room?

I’m a complete novice to the Steam room that comes included with our gym membership and I can’t help wonder what the etiquette is when you encounter a stranger in there. 451 more words

Day 16 - Embarrassed

I don’t have much to  write about today but something totally embarrassing did happen to me. So on my lunch break I decided to go to Shoppers Drug Mart. 257 more words

I Love You

A Driving Story...

My Uni friends love to hear my numerous mortifying driving stories – touch wood I’ve never been in any dangerous situations or done anything horrendously idiotic, but the situations I find myself in are sometimes ridiculous.  424 more words

Free Time

Single & Loving It !

If you really knew me you would know that I am the happiest now than I have ever been while being single.

I have come to a point of reaccessment of my actions in the past. 348 more words

10 Embarrassing Dating Mistakes I've Made So Far

1. Dating within a group of friends — HUGE MISTAKE! The ocean is massive there is no need to fish within one quadrant of the sea. 1,242 more words

Boner Killer

“I was dating this chick whose mom had passed away when she was little. One day we ended having sex and losing our virginity to each other, and in mid sex she looks up at me and says, “My mom’s watching down on us right now.” 53 more words


So, I got asked out today…

… and it was agonisingly awkward.

There was a girl in my shop with (presumably) her parents. She was maybe 18-24, I’m useless with guessing ages, and had bright blue hair (and for the record, I am quite a fan of bright, dyed hair). 366 more words