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I dream of that moment like any other young, single woman. I pin countless pins to my Pinterest board about what exactly I want my dream wedding to look like. 494 more words

Little things that remind me I'm a Klutz

There’s always a little piece of your personality that follows you to adulthood, haunting you at every turn or simply popping up after you’ve thought you passed that point of your life. 829 more words


When you gotta go... you gotta go!

Warning: This article deals directly with poop. No sugar-coating it, guys.

We all do it. Like… daily. It’s a basic bodily function that we shouldn’t have to be embarrassed about. 696 more words

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oooh, what a waste of time

I actually attended another baby shower last Sunday and it was for my other cousin. It was really good–the theme was Baby and Co… like Tiffany and Co–get it? 434 more words

Lesson 5 - Adam

My most embarrassing date story EVER. This is the one I roll out at parties. The one I use when people ask for a hilarious anecdote- one which I’m now sharing with the internet. 195 more words


How normal are you?

You know when you hear yourself on camera and you think “that’s how I sound in real life?!” yeah, I have that too. Except it’s never just my voice, just hearing that is bad enough… The whispy husky breathy (wait a sec, am I Darth Vader) voice that I am lucky enough to have… But I then look in the mirror as I go to put some moisturiser on and WHAT THE HELL?! 628 more words


How Many Of These Awkward Mouth Situations Have You Been In?

Remember that time you had something stuck between your teeth and nobody told you? The tooth hurts, but admit it, bad oral care has landed you in at least one of these awkward situations. 17 more words