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Mountain Beard Heath

The green to red fruit on the Mountain Beard Heath are perfectly festive, and we think it should become a new christmas emblem for our Snowy Mountains.

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Yellow.”

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Fragment 7 (Emblem)

Strong/simple Design:

Related to Internet Blackout Day:

(Community aspect/reddit) + related to Internet Blackout Day:

Cultural Literacy: (SEGA + Save the Internet ‘remix’):

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Ruby Bridges

Ruby Bridges was born the same year as the Supreme Court Case of Brown v Board of Education, which was meant to desegregate the schools. 344 more words

Emblem: The Mood

My emblem’s presence and metaphysical existence in the world shape how I view the world, and how I feel towards reality. This feeling of uncertainty rushes through my body relating the emblem to my perspective. 123 more words


Emblem: The Morality

As my emblem suggests, the world through these windows represents a deceptive reality. Because of this, my conduct in this would require investigating.

With the constant second guessing of what’s truly being displayed through the window of reality, I need to value the truths that I do know. 97 more words


Emblem: The Metaphysics

The world according to my emblem exists in a deceptive reality.

A story that exemplifies this relates to my family section when I was travelling in the car to my new home in South Florida. 109 more words