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Unique entity contact and new emblem.

Well this may seem a bit unnecessary however today I had the pleasure of meeting a entity/individual who goes by the alias Omen. Quite the sarcastic shadow entity that either inhabits the human body it uses or the human channels it. 162 more words



The Hunger Games Mockingjay, Part 1 just hit theaters across the USA.  In the series, Katniss’s Mockingjay Pin (pictured right) becomes a symbol for hope and eventually for an uprising against an oppressing government.  47 more words

Muslim Students to Roberto Cavalli: 'We won’t stop until we get our symbol back.'

Sufi students are determined to continue demonstrations against Italian fashion designer Roberto Cavalli, who they claim has used their sacred symbol as a logo for his campaigns. 482 more words


Russia reveals FIFA 2018 logo

The 2018 Russian FIFA world cup logo has finally been released! But….it’s not what most of us had in mind. Unlike Germany’s logo, which was a set of adorable smiley faces; Brazil’s logo, a traditional cup cusped between green and yellow hands; and South Africa’s, a soccer player kicking a ball with streaks of colors in the background, Russia’s is somewhat bland. 116 more words

Airship of the Week


I want to talk about how wonderful the balloons are in this piece.  I spend far too much time looking at neat airships and these balloons are unique.  114 more words


Book Review - Alone in the Classroom by Elizabeth Hay

Alone in the Classroom (Emblem 2011) begins with a murder and the tension grows from there. In fact, the rate of revelation and tension in this novel is infinitely impressive. 436 more words

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