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Paper or pixels? Does the medium affect the way people read?

Andrew Dillon Ph.D., the dean of the Graduate School of Information Science at the University of Texas has written a very interesting blog post on the nuances of online reading. 378 more words


Is It Possible to Have Thoughts in Your Body?

In Auguste Rodin’s famous sculpture The Thinker, one finds the quintessential image of thinking man. Crouched down on a rock with a hunched-over back, the thinker’s body becomes small, taking up little space. 581 more words

Random Thoughts

The Fascinating Influence of Clothing on Your Behavior and Performance

Mind Games: Sometimes a White Coat Isn’t Just a White Coat

By Sandra Blakeslee, New York Times

If you wear a white coat that you believe belongs to a doctor, your ability to pay attention increases sharply. 432 more words

Embodied Cognition: Johnson on Dewey and Damasio

The following is an introduction to some of the work produced by philosopher Mark Johnson and concerns the similarities between the pragmatism of John Dewey… 1,037 more words