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Drinking from the Firehose: extended cognition & shitty interfaces

The theory of extended or distributed cognition usefully illuminates some of the seeming magic powers of the Internet. This theory states that the powers of human thought can partially be explained by the idea that our thought is not just contained within the mind, but that our environment acts as an important and integral part of every act of cognition. 1,152 more words

Talk: Putting the enactive theory of social cognition to the test

I was invited to give a talk as part of the seminar series organized by the project “Racionalidad, razonamiento, y cognición” at the Instituto de Investigaciones Filosóficas of UNAM. 96 more words


What Does it Mean to Live in an Age of Empathy?

Three stories led me here today.


Spoke Too Soon

Embodied Cognition

A study was conducted in which they had people meet strangers. One group held cup of iced coffee and one group held warm cups of coffee. 40 more words

Should we do away with school uniforms in the university?

We were the first batch of male college students to wear the school uniform in our university (female students already had school uniforms for decades). There was a heated discussion between the administration and student political parties regarding the new policy, often resulting into student protest rallies. 606 more words