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Being Brave. Being Embarrassed. Being YOung.

After watching Mortified Nation I realized that there is nothing better than being completely open about your past self. That child hood you enjoyed or didn’t is a part of you. 244 more words

Addicted to Organization

Or~gan~ized                                                                                                                                           efficient: working in a systematic and efficient way                                                                      large-scale: existing on a large scale and involving the systematic coordination of many different considerations

Hello my name is Susan and I’m addicted to being organized. 852 more words


10 Important tips for College Students, From my personal experiences!

1. Coffee is AMAZING. Period. End of story. Coffee. Coffee. Coffee.

2. You will forget something if you don’t put it on a list. Make lists. 269 more words


How can I instill the groundswell inside my company?

Throughout this blog I have attempted to teach you all the techniques required in order to connect your customers in the ways of the groundswell. By now you might be asking yourself “what about my employees?” If your employees don’t support your social media initiatives then how can you expect to accomplish any company objectives through the utilization of social media to truly have any impact on your organization if your own employees don’t even “buy in” to any of your initiatives. 1,034 more words

MIndset Monday #2: Embracing the CEO Mindset

Understanding and embracing the CEO mindset is essential if you are serious about moving from the role of the “do it yourselfer” to being a serious business owner. 22 more words

Dear MJ: A Story of O

I have read too much about the female orgasm. Up until the age of 20 all I had ever done was read about it, so much so that I felt I’d had one before I ever actually had. 1,812 more words


Forgiveness, Judgement, Happiness & Understanding

The lessons of Easter? This extra long weekend has given me some fodder and space for contemplation.

Just recently I shared on of those little ‘quote pictures’ that go round Facebook. 1,409 more words