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A Novice's Attempt on Sashiko

Sashiko (刺し子) means quilting in Japanese, and it mainly uses Running Stitch (aka. Straight Stitch). It was originally used by common folks to mend and reinforce cotton garments into heavy outfits (designed to keep out the cold), as well as to decorate tea towels, cushions, bags etc. 683 more words

Craft / DIY Projects

Embroidered tote bag 5

All these bags have been made with the idea of working simple surface embroidery. The patterns were drawn with this purpose. Pattern-

Stem stitch for the stems and some feather stitch in variegated polyester thread. 59 more words


Embroidered tote bag 4

This fourth bag has simple embroidery. The pattern-

Started with stem stitching the leaves and working straight stitches in two strands of cotton skein.

Four strands of thread are used for the thicker stem stitches on the stems. 28 more words