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Pouncing with the Blues

Everything is out and ready to transfer the Ecclesiastical Embroidery patterns for the trial run.  Yesterday, I showed you the new transfer products that were purchased while traveling over the summer.  618 more words

Ecclesiastical Sewing

From Inspiration Source to Stitching

Putting inspiration into action if often a difficult thing when it comes to starting a new Ecclesiastical Embroidery project, especially if it is a little larger hand embroidery project. 470 more words

Ecclesiastical Sewing

Paper Matters

The other day, I posted about framing up my next Ecclesiastical Embroidery project for the Easter Set pulpit fall http://ecclesiasticalsewing.wordpress.com/2014/08/15/all-framed-up-and-ready-to-stitch/.  And I have to confess. The pouncing did not go as well as it usually does because of the error that happened at the printers.  572 more words

Ecclesiastical Sewing

Late Night Progress

Late, late, late. Today was one of those days.  It looked like it would be an early out of work day. The doors were locked and then – a late walk-in knocked on the door. 380 more words

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Beginner Embroidery Pattern & Basic Stitches

Now that I’ve finished my Home Sweet Home cross stitch (I haven’t put a finished photo up just yet), I’m going to begin my embroidery journey. 230 more words

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A Novice's Attempt on Sashiko

Sashiko (刺し子) means quilting in Japanese, and it mainly uses Running Stitch (aka. Straight Stitch). It was originally used by common folks to mend and reinforce cotton garments into heavy outfits (designed to keep out the cold), as well as to decorate tea towels, cushions, bags etc. 683 more words

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