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Sweet Chaos

The last two weeks of July have me out of town for union contract negotiations.  Last week I was scheduled to be home on Friday, but ended up not getting home until Saturday evening.   235 more words



Regression.  The act of stepping backwards.  Pretending to not be able to do something that you had previously mastered.  Example: Bedwetting, peeing on floors, peeing in your clothes even though you have been potty trained for years. 116 more words


Gardening Lessons

In May we started a very Charlie Brown garden.  It is my first ever vegetable garden and I really had no idea what I was doing when I started.   229 more words


Post-baby blues

Someone in our house is struggling with the post-baby blues.  For once, I wish it were me.

It is Sienna.

She has taken baby Graem coming home harder than anyone else.  263 more words



If you really don’t want to know how a pregnant women is feeling-don’t ask!

Recently, a dear friend asked “How are you feeling?”  To which I replied I was feeling good, but I’ll feel better after my next ultrasound.  568 more words


A Biased Rant

I’m going on a rant.  There are two articles in circulation on Facebook that portray very negative attitudes toward embryo adoption.  One quotes a teenager who was donor conceived stating she wishes she hadn’t been born; the other says that embryo adoption exists solely to meet the needs to adults who believe life begins at conception and those who want children.   386 more words


Enjoy life to the fullest!

I have been wanting to write for a while – but in true infertility fashion you get excited about something – you start to think positive and then you go into “I must protect my heart” ” I don’t want to jinx it” “I don’t want to open my big mouth and then have to explain disappointment down the road” mode . 742 more words

Embryo Adoption