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Remembering Cancer Treatment: October Pregnancy/Infant Loss/Breast Cancer Awareness Month

We heading to NJ/NY soon.  I have the start of a head cold.   My living daughter mildly sprained her ankle in dance class.   We will survive this too.   796 more words

Embryo Donation

I Got The Sleep I Needed Last Night: My Plan

The program on the West Coast is indicating there may be a shorter wait time this next cycle.  I am already being put back on some of the meds.  665 more words

New films of donor conceived young people talking about their lives

UPDATE AT 10th October 2014: These films are now available to buy (on one DVD) from the DCN website http://www.dcnetwork.org/products/product/different-story-revisited-dvd

At long last I am able to announce that DC Network’s two new films of donor conceived children and young people between the ages 0f 9 and 26 are finished and will be available to buy from the website dcnetwork.org very soon.   590 more words

Five Years Down the Road

September 17 marks 5 years since our embryo transfer. Five years since we saw Grant and Maria as tiny perfect embryos. Five years since we started our journey as parents. 276 more words


Can I Just Vent?

There has been a long family history between my sister-in-law and myself. We were close until her wife started banging spoons againest glasses every time I spoke. 505 more words

A guest post from a donor mom, "What I'm looking for in an adoptive family"

My sister in law just welcomed her twins the same month that Graem was born.  She did IVF and has 5 stellar embryos remaining.  She is going to adopt them through NEDC. 314 more words


Pregnancy Through "Adoption" - Embryo Donation

Traditional adoption is a lifeline for some couples. Personally, it scares the shit out of me.

Keep in mind, that is just my personal opinion. If you are in the process of adoption, or are considering it, by no means do I want to dissuade anyone from that path. 1,254 more words