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They're in!!!

Ok, so my 2 beautiful little embryos are safely in my uterus, now I’m just counting down the days till they snuggle up real tight and implant. 310 more words

Transfer day!!!!

So today is the day I meet the two embies that will be transferred. Saturday the nurse called and said I had 9 “really pretty” embryos and because they were so pretty we would wait and do a five day transfer, which brings us to today. 356 more words

Hello Embies!

Right now you are 12 days old. You were conceived on December 3. You were 2 of 28 eggs retrieved from my ovaries that day. Five days later, you and 14 of your friends developed into good or fair (but we think you’re awesome!) embryos and were frozen. 193 more words

Mommy's Thoughts

Not the worst news but not the best either~

Today a CCRM embryologist called me and let me know that they were only able to freeze 3 of our 6 fertilized embryos. We still had 6 on Saturday but 2 ‘died off’ on Sunday and 1 on Monday. 310 more words

Week 10: The Art and Science of Mutation!

One of the most interesting art pieces I have seen throughout my whole weeks as a art student! Look at this! The artist who built this amazing piece is Jenna Kurtz! 225 more words


We know how many eggs were fertilized!

We got home yesterday around 10am and of course as I put my purse down to put everyone’s cheesecake in the freezer my phone rings and by time I get to it I’ve already missed it and OF COURSE it was from CCRM. 894 more words

We've got embies!

Out of the 12 eggs retrieved, 7 were usable, and of those 7, 4 were fertilized.

I’m not entirely sure what I was expecting, but I guess I thought it would be a bit higher than that. 107 more words