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Surrogacy update: results

Did you know that invitro fertilization is only about 40% effective in the best circumstances? That’s about a 60% potential for failure, even if you have the best possible chances for success. 812 more words


Ultrasound #2 for IVF #2

Just got back from my second ultrasound. Wow, I have so much to update on. Let me start from this morning- well, last night.

I had an… 881 more words

Commencing FET #1

There’s a lot to catch up on since we returned from Italy, and with our new engagement, it’s happening fast! One thing I like about IVF is the flexibility and control you have with scheduling, although if you’re trying to conceive in your own home, I supposed it’s way more flexible! 828 more words

Blast off!!!

We got to the clinic this morning at 9ish. The appointment was 9:30 and I spent half an hour guzzling water! They didn’t actually call me until 10 and we went straight down to the transfer room. 621 more words


It's T-Day!!

It’s 7:22 and in just over 2 hours is my appointment for transfer! Those maybe babies will hopefully have done what they needed too and will be good to go. 159 more words


Do the maths......

Laying in recovery, trying to wake up, my thoughts turned to my eggs immediately. How many did they get? Was there enough to share? How many will we get? 176 more words


Headed for day 5

I got through to the embryologist. It was good news. Thank god.
All 5 of my maybe babies are still going strong so far.
We have 3 which are 8 cell grade 1 embryos and 2 which are 7 cell grade 1 embryos. 170 more words