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And then there were two...

…and it’s d-day tomorrow. Well e-day I guess!

So I had the embryologist called today and here’s the news – of the six eggs collected, one was an empty shell (boo hoo) and only two of the remaining eggs fertilised. 341 more words


The Female Factory: 'Vox'

When Alisa approached us about doing one of the Twelve Planets, we readily agreed. Then, having sprung her trap, she added “But make it more science fictiony.” 665 more words

Fertilization Results + {final post for a while}

Well, as most of you already know, they were able to retrieve 17 eggs from me on Thursday! Those are great results. I was so happy & relieved to get those out of me. 407 more words

Calling embryos "reproductive material" is degrading

The deadline for frozen embryos and reproductive tissue (gametes) which have been stored for ten years is fast coming up.

The embryos and gametes must be destroyed within six months of November 22nd unless special permission to extend the storage has been granted by the Ethics Committee on Assisted Reproductive Technology (ECART).   363 more words


Weekend Musings

The cool, windy LA weather made for a weekend that almost felt like fall back home. Halloween night I made spaghetti and meatballs the tradition of my grandmother. 768 more words


My Embryos Are Thriving ! - The 411

Guess who’s lil chirren are thriving, dividing and looking good?   MINE !!!

I spoke with my nurse at noon and she went into the Embryologist portal and read today’s embryo check report.  18 more words


Bloody Butt ! - The 411

This morning, I gave myself a PIO shot and I pulled back on the needle and there was no blood so I did the injection.  After I removed the needle, a oily blood stream starts running down my butt cheek !  254 more words