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Pro-life? How much do you care?

Everyone has heard, been nominated for, or done the ALS ice-bucket challenge by now. Many Catholics have also been made aware and helped raise awareness of… 491 more words


The Start of Something Big?

Life, as we would recognise it today, originated in an explosion of evolutionary innovation about 500 million years ago. Known as the Cambrian Explosion this is one of the least understood events in the history of life on Earth. 716 more words



Hi there,

Today was transfer day and we got to see our 15 embryos.  Of the 15, 9 were continuing to mature.  So 6 of them were no longer maturing and could not be used.  42 more words

Blog Posts


So since my last post, I have been waiting for my doctor to get back to me (yes, almost a week later she has!) and doing some major research. 1,755 more words

Intro Please!

I know there is an “About” tab on this blog, but I formally would like the chance to introduce myself to you all as well.  Therefore, I’m gonna do it in a post and you’ll just have to deal with it. 712 more words


The real cost of IVF in New Zealand: human life

Fertility Associates, New Zealand’s largest fertility clinic, is currently celebrating the birth of baby 15,000 through their reproductive technology services.  At the same time, they have unveiled a new technique to help in the selection of ‘healthy’ embryos to implant. 595 more words


A Week in Photos

Whoa, Monday slapped me in the face this morning. I knew it was coming, I was prepared as can be but of course both girls didn’t sleep as well as they normally do. 294 more words