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making the grade

at our last appointment we asked the nurse what our embryo grading was because they don’t seem to just let you know at my clinic.  i don’t know if this is on purpose so we (women) don’t drive ourselves crazy with analyzing the grades…?   139 more words


(I know… two posts in one day.  Must be important!  It is!)
(Just FYI today is 1dp5dt – 1 day past 5 day transfer)

The call came at 4:22 pm.   414 more words


Embryo Transfer

It’s 8:06 am on Saturday –  Transfer Day morning.  The phone rings. I’m abruptly woken up from my sleep.  I look at my cell phone.  It’s the phone number for my RE. 1,696 more words


In Vitro fertilisation (IVF)

So this is where our most exiting part will start. Once we have the court order. They start giving the surrogate and the egg donor medication to synchronize their menstrual cycles for the best chance of conceiving a baby. 181 more words


Trying something different. Some turned out well, others not so much haha

IVF Update: 28 Embryos Brewing

We’ll soon find out how many survived to the blastocyst stage! It’s funny how IVF changed our TTC journey from pure anxiety to joyful and excitement. 10 more words


Couples With Marital Stress More Likely to Have Daughters

They’re always blaming the children. After years of research showing that couples with daughters are more likely to divorce, Duke researchers Tuesday offered up an interesting explanation as to why: female embryos are better at toughing it out. 145 more words