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My acupuncturist said that she’d heard that embryos like the colour orange. I love this – it’s completely daft and bonkers, but what harm can it do? 115 more words

51 - Pregnant at 51

Last week the New York Post ran an article about Tracey Kahn, a single, professional woman, who is pregnant at age 51. This is her second child; her first child, a daughter named Scarlett, is 2. 196 more words


1 - The first post

Although not the first post, it is the explanation post, and therefore, I have back dated it so it can be the first post.

As I start work on this project to which I will be married for 18 months to two years, this is where I will post much of my research, comments on the articles I find, links to help others who may need it, and perhaps a space to vent. 177 more words


Date Night & Pondering Life With Twins

I could hardly sleep two nights ago because, A) We were to meet with our IVF doctor yesterday (I guess I was excited/scared/nervous), and because B) my husband and I had a date night planned for the evening that day as well. 991 more words


The next instalment

So my Friday blood test has come back perfect and we’re awaiting our donor’s day one. Sunday night we receive a text “Day 1 tomorrow!!” That soon?!? 825 more words


Good-bye embryo, Hello fetus - 9 Weeks

Today we are 9 weeks preggo! At 9 weeks pregnant, our onesie has ended the embryonic stage and is entering the fetal period now. He/she should be about 1″ now and the size of a medium olive. 59 more words


My Lucky Number is Ten!

I got a the call from Mary Kathryn around 1:15 today and she assured me that everything I am experiencing is normal. She said the pain in the upper and lower stomach is normal, shortness of breath, stomach gurgling, constipation and spotting are also all normal. 457 more words