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It's the fert report news you've probably not being waiting for, but I have

Making you wait 3 days for a fert report is cruel. I tried my best to keep calm this weekend, but I didn’t do a particularly great job. 331 more words


FET News: TSH levels, Abdominal Pain and (back to discussing) Twins?

(I have to thank many of you dear readers for checking in with me, either in person or online, and letting me know that many of you are praying for us during this time. 1,559 more words


B. F. Oh?

For the last day or so I’ve felt neither here nor there. Kind of a zen-like calm of not-knowing. There’s nothing I can do, either this works or it doesn’t. 629 more words


The dreaded two week wait

I’m struggling. This two week wait is a million times harder than the last one I went through and I’m not sure why. Perhaps it’s because last time we were a little naïve and it was easier to believe everything would work out. 1,606 more words


Someone else's ostrich

The nurses have called. Egg collection 10am Friday. Another agonising two day wait but then that’s what 90% of this infertility process is isn’t it, waiting, not knowing. 881 more words



Negative result on a dollar store cheapy…. First Beta is Monday… I’m PUPO. Pregnant until proven otherwise!!! Stick embies STICK!!!!!!!!!!


The long & the short of it...

Our fertility/infertility history to date is summarised as follows and no doubt through the course of this blog I will be adding to this list and will go into much more detail about some of my/our experiences… 559 more words