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Fast Sideways - A connectivity point of view

Post by Erik Smith (thank you)

Although I mentioned this functionality in a previous blog post, the impact that this type of use case will have on connectivity automation is so significant that it deserves to have it’s own post. 75 more words


Turning Point: eMC- "Charly Murphie" (Prod. By 14KT)

I have a confession. eMC’s The Show album is one of my most played hip hop albums from this side of 2000. eMC is Masta, Wordsworth, Punchline and Stricklin and they’ll be back with a new EP titled  22 more words


Cloud computing: What do the terms mean? - Rajesh R Nambiar, EMC Academic Alliance Program

An approach to computing that uses a shared resource to deliver computing that is consumed as a service. Many different service models and delivery types exist, but all cloud computing types are capable of on demand, elastic, self-service delivery of resources via broad network access and can be provided as a measured or metered service from a shared pool of resources. 1,126 more words


Three Key Strategies to Allocating a Data Protection Service

Post by Reliant Technologies (thank you)

Backup-to-disk is a top priority for most of the IT directors we work with. Often we find that used EMC… 75 more words


VMware Offers Disaster Recovery As A Service

Post by Charles Babcock (thank you)

VMware disaster recovery service lets customers automatically replicate business systems and data in one of VMware’s five vCloud Hybrid Service datacenters. 50 more words


Single You Out: eMC - Charly Murphie

eMC (Mast Ace x Stricklin x Wordsworth x Punchline) are readying the release of their new EP,  The Turning Point.   The project is due out May 20th.   47 more words


EMC receiving the Most Trusted Company Award from Shri BJ Srinath - IT Forum 2013

An EMC representative receiving the Most Trusted Company 2013 Award from Shri BJ Srinath, Senior Director, ICERT, Govt. of India - IT Forum 2013 presents by varindia ….See more