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DDBoost ,CIFS , NFS , VTL Implementation & NAS BEST PRACTICES

Data Domain Implementation:

To successfully integrate the Data Domain system into a backup environment:

1. Perform the basic installation and configuration tasks.(make certain that all installations have occurred, including installation of all application software as necessary throughout the environment, and installation and initial configuration of the Data Domain system for proper network access by client systems and backup servers. 1,481 more words


quick view for Data Domain Commands




4: system show performance

5: disk show performance


autosupport show report

By Running (autosupport show report) you get this report:


HLU ID.. aka Host LUN ID.. what?

Putting on the storage admin hat.. you have to remember the little details that a good storage admin knows instinctively. I was assisting a customer with allocating new LUNS to their file system (CIFS/ NFS)… and well I gave general high level instruction but after the customer had some errors.. 318 more words