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Access to Emergency Care. The 5 A's

Access to care is not well described in literature and is sometimes defined as the entry point into the health system and other times as the factors influencing use of care. 474 more words


Emergency Care: Choking

Most of the time when something blocks your baby’s throat, he or she will instinctively cough, gasp or gag until the object clears their windpipe.  Usually children will breathe on their own, and you don’t need to interfere.   449 more words


How urgent care clinics in Washington and elsewhere are filling a void in healthcare

It has been a growing trend: instead of waiting for hours and trying to book appointments in hospitals, people are turning to smaller, community clinics offering treatment for minor emergencies. 275 more words

Know When to Take Your Kids to the ER

Even with the winter season in our rearview mirror, kids still get sick. Germs are always out there, on nearly every surface we touch. But children are even more prevalent to catching these germs and not being able to fight them off. 282 more words

Emergency Care

Emergency Care: Bleeding

You generally can judge the seriousness of the bleeding by the rate of blood loss.  Serious bleeding comes from injured arteries.  Slower bleeding – a steady, slow flow of dark red blood – generally comes from injuries to veins or the body’s smaller blood vessels (capillaries).   282 more words


Piedmont Healthcare Emergency Services Jobs

Emergency Services Jobs
For more than a century, Piedmont Healthcare has been a recognized leader in delivering expert care. Last year, we served nearly two million patients – performing over 44,000 surgeries, delivering 8,000 babies, completing 235 organ transplants and handling nearly 250,000 emergency room visits. 74 more words

Job & Career Opportunities

Shift the focus to emergency care!

Global statistic: 2300 children die daily due to injury
(According to the World Health Organization department for violence and injury prevention)

There is a correlation between a country’s economic sustainability and the level of health care that it renders. 322 more words