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Get Rich Slow Scheme

Unless you are a lottery winner or an heir to a vast fortune wealth only comes through the application of discipline over a sustained period of time, measured in decades rather than days. 400 more words

Personal Financial Planning

Money habits: Put some money aside

April is Financial Literacy Month

Day 23, start an emergency fund.  It never fails that an unexpected expense will occur. The best thing you can do for yourself is to prepare for it. 210 more words

Bahiyah Shabazz

How to Shed College Debt

Editor’s note: This is part 2 in a five-part series on growing and maintaining wealth. Read part 1.

I grew up thinking that a college degree would be my ticket to wealth or at least entree into the upper echelons of the middle class.


South Korea Relief Fund - Hope Bridge - 희망브리지

Arirang News regular live updates .Here

Amidst the devastating news that continues to come out of Korea; an emergency relief fund has been established to help the bereaved. 170 more words

Knowing Your Personal Finances: Are You Ready To Save?

Donell Edwards, Blogger

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The Dogs Bollocks

Our 14 years old dog Indy was doing what happy dogs do and writhing around on his back on the bed when we noticed that he had an unfeasibly large testicle. 147 more words

Debt Free

The Emergency Fund

Dave Ramsey is all about the emergency fund and I would most definitely agree with him. He advocates having $1000 in the bank until you pay off all your debts, excluding the mortgage. 376 more words

Building Passive Income Streams