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Kidney Stone!

Yesterday around 12:30 PM I started having severe abdominal pain in my lower left abdomen. I was home alone and screaming from the pain. I started to vomit and I was scared. 118 more words


Man vs. Steel; Or, Humanities vs. Science

This post is dedicated to my dear friend Misha, hang in there bud.

He was crossing the street on the way to his house from a long day of practice. 666 more words

Our Gilbert urgent care can save you time and money.

In this world we live in, everything comes with more options these days that range anywhere from food menu items, cell phone options, to health care services. 214 more words

ER Blues

Having spent most of today in the ER, we were tempted to skip today’s blog. But we accepted the blogging challenge put to us by our son and didn’t want to fail that challenge! 912 more words


The Trip to IKEA

After my most recent heart surgery; I had a massive hematoma on my inner thigh. By massive, I mean it was the length of my entire inner thigh from my knee to my groin and it spread to half the thickness of my thigh as well. 739 more words

The Phoenix is rising in Phoenix, where Dr. Martha Grout practices acupuncture on ER patients. Grout, an acupuncturist and MD, has been pinning patients since ’97, sending them home happier n’ healthier. 65 more words


Oh hell

Oh Hell, that hurts!  I sat down in a hurry. My first thought was “I’m having a heart attack.”  My second was “Don’t be silly you’re only 49 and probably just gobbled lunch too quickly, again.”  Jess came up to me and said “Gosh, you look pale.”  I mumbled something about a bit of pain.  646 more words

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