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Nearly 70 million Americans have no emergency savings while nearly one-in-four would run out of money in 30 days, says NeighborWorks America survey

WASHINGTON, April 8, 2014  – Nearly 70 million in America don’t have any emergency savings to withstand a sudden financial shock, while 22 percent of Americans or about 53 million have savings enough only to hang on for a month according to a new consumer survey from NeighborWorks America. 672 more words


Families don't have enough to cover expenses in an emergency

It is not surprising that families often encounter negative shocks, either in the form of unexpected expenses or loss of income. The problem is that most families, and especially low-income ones, can’t weather those emergencies without facing hardship. 120 more words

Do I Need At Least One Credit Card For "Emergencies"?

As I was about to depart on a vacation a few years back I got into a conversation with a coworker on the way out the door.   600 more words


Behind on Bills and Saving

Action Tip:  If you are behind on your bills and have no emergency fund savings, get current on your bills before you start saving.

Living Below Means

The Most Important Skill to Have While Building Up Your Savings

Today, I went shopping and went $100 over budget.

I had been doing an awesome job of staying within a limited budget for shopping, eating out and traveling for the past few months. 576 more words

Emergency Savings

Filing Taxes: What You Really Need to Know

Filing taxes. Two words can rarely elicit such a range of emotion in people. For some, it is a time of joyful anticipation for a return. 646 more words

Emergency Savings