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Visual Budget and Spending Map, Part 5 of 7

Today we get to the meaty part of the visual budget. Once we get through this, tomorrow we’ll start with the beauty part.

Below what we did yesterday, list everything you want to spend on. 116 more words

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Visual Budget and Spending Map, Part 2 of 7

Become a Financial Artist. Create Your Masterpiece.

Yesterday. we started our visual budget. We listed the months across the top, then the income down below. Today, right underneath that, put  633 more words

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A Reminder About the Importance of Emergency Savings

This weekend, I was reminded of why every one of us should have an emergency savings fund.

I planned on having new brake pads installed on my car’s front wheels. 279 more words

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Worried Because of Lack of Savings? Save.

Action Tip:  Are you worried about a lack of savings? In a recent survey by the National Foundation for Credit Counseling, 31% of people said their biggest concern was having no savings. 18 more words

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Day 146 of 180 – Trekking Up the Money Mountain

Question:  Is it better to save, then pay on and pay down debt or is it better to pay on and pay down debt, then save? 10 more words

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How Many Savings Accounts Do You Have?

I recently learned that my bank allows me to open an unlimited number of savings accounts and give each one a nickname! (Which has made saving way more fun and effective). 335 more words