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There was a massive fire only a street away from our house! It was super scary!!! It was started by a bad power-line. The flames ran up the side of the mountain and on to the bluff we live… It was defiantly life changing… Fear is powerful, it is brain numbing too at times… I rarely have faced a situation where I lost the power to think. 450 more words

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Broken The Falls

Stones falling down
Roller coaster, heart bound
Fears overplayed
Two left feet, emergency

Wide open space
Catch my tail, fishing net
Fold up my frown… 42 more words

  • Quick thinking

  • Decisive action
  • Strong Stomachs

These are just a few of the qualities an emergency room (ER) nurse needs to possess.  Along with  these three things, you have hurting, sick, and possibly injured people streaming through the doors. 341 more words

Unidentified man attempts fire rescue

The title should say “Local Hero Performs Fire Rescue.”

Unidentified man attempts fire rescue

The subject cell phone video shows us a fire eagerly working it’s way to burning down the house. 234 more words


Disaster Preparedness: Tornado Safety

After the “Polar Vortex” this winter and recent mass flooding, many Michiganders have a new appreciation for disaster preparedness. Michigan’s most common potential disaster situations include thunderstorms, power outages, tornadoes and extreme winter temperatures. 276 more words


Worry then breathe

I worry.  I’m a worrier by nature.  By design.  I come from a very long line of worriers.  I have learned that I must spend time every day focused on gratitude to help plant my feet in the present and keep me from anxiously looking too far into the future. 642 more words