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#238 Don't Ditch Your Phone

Survival Tip #238

Don’t Ditch Your Phone

How long will a cellphone work in the Primal Age? Almost impossible to tell since any number of apocalypses could render them useless right away, while others could let them live on for days, weeks, or longer. 118 more words

Justin Kassab

Service spans ocean to southwest Missouri

Arsenja Marteja’s compassion and service has spanned an ocean from the Philippines to Seneca, Mo. in her nine years as a volunteer with the American Red Cross. 365 more words

American Red Cross

Don’t Dismiss the Possibility of Workplace Violence

A mark of feeling safe in your work environment is that you rarely think about safety. A sense of safety and wellness is the ultimate goal for all workplaces and this can only be truly achieved when safety and violence prevention is addressed openly in the workplace. 634 more words

Mental Health

The Digital Side of Red Cross

Do you prefer Digimon over Pokémon? Do you live in the ENCOM mainframe with Tron? Do you laugh when you hear people refer to Java as coffee, when you know it’s actually a language? 356 more words

American Red Cross

Growth is overrated (well focusing on it is anyway).

I’ve decided I don’t like growth.  I started on a continual quest for growth when I was a teenager.  “Please make me the person you want me to be?”  I prayed almost every night.   583 more words

Who To Call in a Plumbing Emergency?

There is every chance that the first call you make to a plumbing will be when something breaks down that needs sorting urgently. Whether it is having a tap fixed, a broken pipe mended or an over-flowing drain unblocked, if you want such problems dealt with effectively, you must turn to a professional plumber. 140 more words