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Emerging church leader attacks Christian Islamophobia

BIRMINGHAM, Alabama -Brian McLaren, the minister known as a major spokesman of the Emerging Church movement for more than two decades, has attacked a Christian news outlet’s publication of an anti-Muslim diatribe. 199 more words

Christian - Muslim

Truth and Honesty

One of Liam’s (my 2 year old son) favorite things to say right now is “I don’t know.”

I hope I am always willing to say this. 22 more words

Youth Ministry

Soft-Serving God's Word

My friend Sylvia lives in Australia, where church attitudes toward drinking (even in Baptist churches) are more relaxed than in the United States. Still, she recently told a story about how her daughter who is the same age as my daughter(21) attended a backyard barbecue held by a local emerging church youth leadership team. 646 more words


Faith and Forgiveness: A Pastoral Prayer

Before time existed, Holy God, you were there. Before the world came into being, you just were. Long after this creation fades away, you will continue to be. 757 more words


Walking the God Line: Finding a Balance between Theology and Experience

Religious experience needs good theology the way a traveler needs a reliable map.  A traveler with lots of enthusiasm but no map for the journey is a dangerous person to travel with. 

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A humorous, but accurate, description of Emergent Christians...

Here’s a humorous, but mostly accurate, description of “You might be emergent if…”  It’s from Kevin and Ted Kluck’s Why We’re Not Emergent (Moody, 2008). I have already said in other places that their book is my favorite anti-Emergent book, written without aggressive name-calling. 326 more words

Postmodernism And Emerging Christianity

Follower or Friend?

I’ve probably said it before and I’m saying it again:  I do not understand hatred and bigotry. Nor do I understand violence in any form but particularly as a means of problem solving. 590 more words