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Smoker cheats

I love smoked food. I mean besides the flavor that smoking infuses into food the whole culture of sitting beside a smoker on a beautiful sunny day with a cold one in your hand enjoying the company of good friends and family can’t be beat. 460 more words

Off The Grill

Emeril by Tfal TG8000 XL Griller with Two Independent

Silver has been jointly reveled in cultures around the environment each as a commodity and a decorative steel that extends as far again as ancient times. 279 more words


Friday, Jan. 9, 2015

Linh Bui and Marty Bass has Coffee With Emeril to talk about National Soup month and Snapware.

Ron Matz has People Are Talking about Ravens parties on Purple Friday. 13 more words

Baltimore Ravens

Kick It up a Notch! Or How to Build on Last Year's Resolutions

I sat down to write my New Year’s Resolutions story for my blog when I got distracted by checking out FaceBook. Just for a few mintues, mind you. 276 more words


I would pour your spices on my cereal if it weren't for all these judging eyes

Friday January 2. 10:07pm

“Visiting with our friends Ann & Malcolm, finished eating gumbo & now headed outside to sit around their fire pot!”

‘member how I said the deep south sucks*? 238 more words