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Emi's First Swimming Lesson

After some searching, we have happily started swimming lessons for Emi. We decided to try the lessons at Chelsea Piers here in Connecticut.

So now every Saturday morning, daddy and Emi will get to spend some quality time together. 308 more words

A Few Last Thoughts on the Sex Pistols

Before I move on to other topics, I wanted to just mention a few other brief thoughts that I had while reading John Lydon’s (Johnny Rotten) book… 458 more words


Bastille are a sort of Rock, Indie, Synthpop, Electronica band, you know the kind that just takes dibs and dabs from all sorts of genres. 378 more words


Emi is 5 months

Oh Emi,

You have had a very busy past two months! We have packed up and moved and are now at your “forever home.” At least for a good long while we hope. 403 more words

Weekends: End of a Romance

There are days when Thursday feels like advent of weekend. Then there are days when Friday feels like a weekday still. I am sure most of us would have had this feeling one time or the other. 172 more words


Greetings from Greenwich, CT

Can I just start off with saying that Connecticut is one cold B. I mean I thought that New York was cold, but I was wrong….Connecticut wins. 880 more words

CGO-505 Comb Generator for EMC EMI Testing for $2,150 at BRL Test

EMC Site testing is a snap when you verify with this state of the art comb generator.  The CGO-505 is 5 MHz Step,1.5 GHz.  BRL Test is your EMC EMI headquarters. 163 more words

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