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As I’m coming towards the end of my first four weeks at SFI (Swedish For Immigrants), it seems like a good time to reflect on the course so far. 750 more words

Swede Life

Leaving Ireland for a better life Down Under

We all know somebody who has left Ireland for a better life in Australia, but what really attracts people to the land down under?

Despite a drop in emigration, 40,700 Irish people packed their bags and left in the 12 months up to April 2014, according to the latest Central Statistics Office figures, with 10,000 of them opting to go to Oz. 1,280 more words


Hello London: Goodbye Cat

Synced content editor Kari recently got a new kitten (and posted about the adorable Jipetto here). So did an ex in France whom I’ve remained friends with – he was never a pet person but now he sends me photos and videos of little Styx wreaking havoc in his flat. 667 more words


Today is the tomorrow I dreaded.

Well today was the day. The last day with our old pal before he moves to England to live with his family. I thought I’d better post tonight just in case you were all day wondering how I got on.   292 more words


Final days.

Do you ever look forward to something and when it happens you realise the anticipation was almost as good as the event? The waiting, and imagining. 365 more words


They can't stop mentioning "The War"

It’s interesting leaving your homeland for a decade and then returning – you see things through new eyes. You feel like a semi-stranger.  So much has changed and yet so much is the same.   1,158 more words