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The nuts and bolts of it

This is strange – I’ve ummed and ahhed about the concept of a blog and finally just decided to crack on with it. It’s as much a diary (although frankly I haven’t kept a diary since I was 12 years old and decided it was a rubbish idea when said item was discovered by an unnamed sibling who found my melodramatic ramblings about the death of a hamster the most hilarious thing she’d read in an age), so it’s my second ever diary, and a documentary of this new adventure, and a way to share the ups and downs of emigrating with a cuddly brood of 3 small people to an incredible new home. 302 more words


Suitcases, Suitcases, Suitcases

Baggage allowance: 30kg

Hand luggage allowance: 7kg

Weight of shoes I own: 50983487kg

I am currently struggling to compress all of my belongings into 30kg. Back in April, I sold/gave away majority of my possessions so I could move back in with my parents and begin preparations for the big move to Doha. 384 more words


The Taste Of Home

A good friend from the UK extremely kindly offered to bring me some tea, since he was visiting Oslo with his family. I never imagined he’d haul over 240 tea bags! 93 more words


Raindrops, Roses & Tea

Somedays I think the pull of home is just gonna be too strong. The urge to throw in the towel and come back to little old England, with it’s winding roads and double decker buses, quaint country pubs and tea and biscuits. 331 more words

This New Life

The Decision to Move to Sydney

Moving to Australia hadn’t ever featured on my radar.  I knew it was there and that it was a very, very long way away but other than that I didn’t know anything about it and I hadn’t any real desire to visit.   405 more words


turning to dust

When I started this blog, that was the title of it. It may have changed by now.

It sounds negative, but rather it was meant in a transformative sense. 135 more words


It's Nearly Time...

One more day, people, that’s all I have left in the UK. Okay, a bit of Wednesday too, but considering that I’ll be on a plane at 6am so I don’t think it really counts. 687 more words