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What On Earth Do I Take?

Things are really creeping up on me.
Time is diligently plodding along and I know, before I realise, I’m two hours away from needing to leave to catch my flight and I’ve still not finished packing.  350 more words


No Gear. No Idea.

We thought we were doing so well, basking in the glory of the Vancouver administrative challenges and completion. Little did we know daily life would hold such challenges! 540 more words


Commute of my dreams

This is all a bit retrospective as I am about a week behind on updates due to ongoing technical challenges. I am having to wrestle a 6 or 4 year old to get my hands on a device which connects to the internet and then using it on slightly wonky platforms, so forgive both my tardiness and clunkiness. 119 more words


Moving on

Well, it’s been a while since my last post. Things are moving forward now. The house sold a few weeks ago to first time buyers and the sale is progressing nicely, with a provisionally agreed completion of the end of October, or thereabouts. 436 more words


City Love

I have a crush, and it is for Vancouver. Oh beautiful gorgeous buzzing city flanked by mountains and sea in sweet bright sunshine. I’m all weak at the knees and slightly gooey on the inside. 427 more words


A Day in Doha

I’ve been in Doha for less than 36 hours and let me tell you something: it is hot. It is humid and hot, and my bedroom air conditioning is broken, making for a night of interrupted, sweaty, fidgety sleep. 514 more words


May "British people could emigrate to make more room for immigrants"

Do you like icebergs? Cacti? Foreign languages?  Paté? Well emigrating may well be the answer according to a new Government think tank who are recommending a drive to lessen net immigration figures, by asking indigenous Brits to move out for a while to make a little more room. 291 more words