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Another great quote (from the days when people believed them).

Which Founding Father said:

“I would rather die standing than live on my knees!”

Was it the fiery Sam Adams or speech-making genius Patrick Henry? The visionary Ben Franklin, or Thomas Paine, whose power with the pen kept the troops from deserting Washington? 106 more words

Wit And Wisdom

Chiapas: The Zapatistas

The idea of a gated community wearing balaclavas creates an image of fear. For tourists and non-locals who do not understand the history of this hooded community this group is often mistaken as a terrorist organization. 1,188 more words

Tip of the Iceberg

Roger’s note:  this is a video I came across in the Spanish version of RT, the Russian television news channel.  The explanation given is that Alejandro Natividad was a passenger in a car that was pulled over in La Quinta, California.  159 more words

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